Syed Waris Shah, one of the most famous Punjabi Sufi poets was born in in Jandiala Sher Khan in the District of Sheikhupura, Punjab. Heer waris shah. 15K likes. YOU ARE HERE LIKE WARIS SHAH. Urdu Books biographies, Drama, Poetry and shayari at Rekhta Online E-Books Store in Hindi E-BOOKS BY: Sayyad Waris Shah Qissa Heer Volume

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Waris Shah was a consummate artiste, a deeply learned person in Sufi and domestic cultural lore.

Here he resided in a small room, adjacent to a historic mosque now called Masjid Waris Shah, until his death.

However, he has not also been spared with the potential of overcoming this trend and tendency. You are commenting using your WordPress.

As for Waris Shah, let me quote some of his own words: We also urdi hate speech, libel and gratuitous insults. Retrieved 29 May As Shakespeare is loved by every English speaking individual whether a European, Oriental or from any other region, so is Waris Shah.

It is quite a different matter altogether though that their accent and vocabulary is often a dead give-away, as it often is in the case of Punjabis from Pakistan who tend to speak in Urdu for similar reasons.

The Prophet himself set an example before us by doing the same for fifteen years at the Cave of Hera. This page was last edited on 30 Septemberat Thus Waris Shah concluded his tale on the notion that love could save the world.


You can either check out the website owned by the Federal Trade Commission as well as contact one warjs the major credit agencies directly. More often than not, we are misled by the tricky six senses playing within us.

Sufism holds in our hand and takes us away free from the fruitless burden of these senses, namely, sex, pride and fear. He has been blessed with the power to win the incompliable hurdles of our nature. Man, whose comprehension has expanded from the minuscule atomic world to the collossum details of the galactic bodies and who has exerted great influence upon nature through the mastering of engineering, is now facing the more important question of how much had we really learnt about our own self or how much self-control we could exert upon ourselves.

Shahmukhi eBook Complete Heer Waris Shah

His Qissa Heer Ranjha has lived through the times past and will live in the times to come with its myriad of mystique, historic social Freudian, astrological interpretation and for pure folk wisdom.

Khullar through the voice of Heer, Waris Shah became spokesman of the Punjabi folk and touched every soul and that rendered his epic become immortal. Another movie on the life of Waris Shah Waris Shah: Very nice collection Waris shah Urdu Poetry is also best. We are advised merely to follow Him. Many verses of Waris Shah are widely used in Punjab in a moral context, for instance: Waris Shah died around The mausoleum complex was completed in and is a mixture of the Lahore School of Architecture and Tughlaq Architecture.


This in spite utdu the fact that Punjabi is as rich a language as any other advanced language in the world.

Heer Waris Shah in Urdu

S abh banh ke aj bana dita Jehra atar gulab nachorhiya ee. H ave fashioned the phrases so elegant L ike a blossoming rose comes to life. As goes in the Hadith-e-Kudsi: Because He is the one who has been truly blessed. To ensure this self-purification and self-awakening we need an effective Guru or Murshid or Peer and attain self-knowledge, self-purification and self-satisfaction through sitting for a Morakaba or Meditation under his able guidance.

Great Sufi Poets of the Punjab. This site uses cookies. To do that you simply must get your hands on a duplicate of your credit ufdu. Views Read Edit View history. Punjab witnessed utter confusion and suffering in those times. Email required Address never made public.

Those who perform good deeds shall receive eternal life. A distant spectator to the shag in Delhi by Nadir Shah, our mystic poet found his sublime senses deeply cut and he focused more and more on moral and spiritual issues. Pakistan’s river of love including many pictures of Chenab river “. He is the possessor of all his attributes. Faces of Change or Change of Faces! He was very young and had to live in a mosque for some time.

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