How to Make Your Marriage a Lifelong Love Affair What makes a woman fascinating to her husband? What is happiness in marriage for a woman? These are. The same year Betty Friedan’s Feminine Mystique rocked American households by defining the dissatisfactions of housewives, Helen Andelin. These are just two of the questions Helen B. Andelin answers in the bestselling classic that has already brought new happiness and life to millions of marriages.

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Divine Designand you can find two posts I wrote critiquing an online interview they had with Focus on the Family here and here. She tells her readers to abandon any efforts to further develop or apply that talent or skill.

Aug 20, Amelia rated heelen did not like it Shelves: People are attempting to correct for some of the messages my generation has grown up receiving.

And hlen been telling our husbands what we read and believe meinsted of feeling cheated or controlled they felt honored. I feel sorry for women that would follow the advices in this book. She advocates against any education for women beyond the domestic and cultural arts. To be anything but a stupid helpless child is to discard your feminine qualities for masculine ones. View all 8 comments.

This book teaches women how to be submissive and weak, because that’s the way a “true woman” is, as well as to be half-retarded, in order to treat a man right. To give him sex every time he asks is to spoil him.

Helen Andelin – Samantha Field

Other books by Andelin include The Fascinating Girla book addressed to single women, which was originally published in and remained in print as of ; and All About Raising Childrenpublished in Helen sounds incredibly extreme, and her ideas sound cartoonish and seem to be easily dismissed. Women are never encouraged to put up with abuse, but also this teaches how women may unknowingly be annoying and driving their husbands away from them.


I can see where the book was supposed to lead women in marriage. If I try to go to sleep earlier, I have nightmares, I wake up three or four times, and I get up in the morning feeling groggy and confused.

It comes about naturally. Andflin occasion, a man may like his wife to be aggressive in sex. Anxelin you get down to normal size, you will look many times more attractive in your clothes. She tells readers in the introduction that they may think they have a happy marriage but unless they are following the FW model, they are enjoying a cheap imitation. There are some things that I should not have patience with.

On the surface, Helen is about to say a lot of things that sound like we would agree with her. She may dress belen a frilly nightie, spray herself with perfume, give him a sexy look, and squeeze his hand. To ask other readers questions about Fascinating Womanhoodplease sign up.

I waited until after Book Group discussion to write a andeli, to see if I was enli As a new Bride in the 70’s I was given this books anfelin a “guidebook”. So read the book with an open mind. So, there you have it, all you women who work: Why is a wife supposed ajdelin submit to her husband’s authority? She is actually serious. First of all, I want to address a comment that I keep getting on posts like this one: Sleeping Hermaphroditus by Bernini. This is entirely a gimmicky DIY approach to relationships, it leaves marital success entirely up to the woman, and it will make you depressed when you can’t pull off just the right pout.


A baby you must coddle and protect from the real world. Helem her teens, she worked in a ancelin shop and at her parents’ hotel. There are many books out there the reaffirm this, and have a much kinder and less condescending narrative.

Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin | : Books

Feb 06, Danielle T rated it did not like it Shelves: And here is where things get complicated, because Helen says this:. Not nearly enough people I can promise you that.

There are some parts in this section that I agree with: If you try to change him, he will gelen get defensive. Even if you believe that sex outside of heterosexual marriage is a sin, hopefully you can see the difference between encouraging abstinence and mandating virginity.

Helen says thisalmost word-for-word. I first heard of this on an episode of Wife Swap and thought the woman following it seemed a bit off. March 6, by SamanthaField.

Helen Andelin

A friend jokingly asked me to read this book or I mostly likely never would have done so. There you will see buttons and bows, plaids, pleats, stripes, jumpers, daisies. I have 3 sisters and my oldest is pastors wife, she read it to help woman in trouble and after discussing with her husband she decided to recommend it to all woman so we are forwarned, so me and andelon sisters all have read it. View all 12 comments.

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