After being expelled from any number of schools, year-old Martin winds up at Edgeview, a publicly funded boarding school and a last-chance alternative. Books: Hidden Talents, David Lubar fanfiction archive with over 1 stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Hidden Talents is the debut young adult novel by writer David Lubar. In this novel , Martin Anderson arrives at Edgeview Alternative School where he has been.

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Edgeview was the sort of place where people kept broken machines, old tires, and other stuff they didn’t need.

Hidden Talents Summary & Study Guide

Still, he begins to establish tentative friendships with his pyromaniac roommate, Torchie, and a few of the other kids. It is then that Martin realizes that Trash has a talent as well, that he is telepathic. ANYWAYS, my only complaints about this book was that it was too short but it’s written for a younger audience and for the length of the book, it took too long to get to the actual meat of the thing.

Their he meets a group talentx friends that are each special in their own way.

Cute story about a group of boys at an alternative school the end of the line who find out there’s more to them than meets the eye.

His suit smelled like dusty mothballs. All the kids there have been treated like freaks and rejects for so long that they have all started to believe it.

This section contains words approx. True talents lie in acceptance of personal imperfections. You can just tell here that Martin really feels left out that he doesn’t have a cool special power too, but it is very ironic, because in the end you find out that Martin does infact have a power of his own! At the end of the inspection, Martin is called in and he has to help save the school from the citizens of Edgeview who want to close it down. A young boy is sent off to a different school for troublemakers.

But there were also conflicts that happened between the friends in this book. This book is just awesome. Forgetting the restraints society set and forgiving society’s misjudgments.

No way I was going to cause him any trouble.


Sep 15, Julieta rated it it was amazing. Return to Book Page. The principal is very worried because Martin has a tendency to say extremely rude things to people. The book itself is written in a very interesting way – the snippets of conversations, memos between teachers and admins, and excerpts of letters from other characters give another dimesion to the ones we follow throughout the story.

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Shortly after, they hidren out the school might close and they are having an inspection. All Martin would have had to do was tell his parents about it and davdi would have been a lawsuit. I picked it off the shelf last night and read a few pages to my kids. The entrance was dark, barely lit by two weak bulbs that hung from the ceiling on frayed cords. There, he makes friends with an odd cast of characters, including a pyromaniac known causing fires even in the controlled school se I remember a bit about this one Feb 25, Elena rated it it was amazing.

The two of them reminded me of a pair of dogs who stop for a quick sniff as they pass each other on their way to important doggy missions. Martin’s relationship with his father was ralents as well, and I would have liked to see that explored more. It is light and easy to davi, and Lubar’s trademark sarcasm and sense of humor is in every character.

View the Study Pack. Read more Read less. I recommend this book to people that like stories that talk about the characters finding out they have superpowers and trying to find out what they can use them hiddne.

Read reviews that mention hidden talents david lubar alternative school martin anderson edgeview alternative schools boy hidden talent psychic powers boy scouts great book bully bloodbath main character middle school good book davis plus lock up the violent talentx or lighters rides the bus satirical tongue shock therapy. There’s just something about a book that takes a look at those the system has given up on and shows their humanity with the aid of many instances of superhumanity.

I was the only passenger on the bus. When you first meet Martian, you know so little, but throughout the book you learn who he is and so much about the characters you only can wish that there was a sequel.

I also enjoyed the variety of the characters, not The book itself is written in a very interesting way – the snippets of conversations, memos between teachers and admins, and excerpts of letters from other characters give another dimesion to the ones we follow throughout the story. Although entertaining, I didn’t like this first book of the series nearly as well as the second book.


It does talrnts a little while to get to the crux of the story, however, and Martin’s part in the whole thing seems very rushed, as though the author needed him to have a purpose and power by the end and just threw it together so that he could finish writing it. We’d better get started.

In this novel, Martin Anderson arrives at Edgeview Alternative School where he has been sent because he has been thrown out of multiple schools in his home district. The air hung down over me, too. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: I never trusted anyone with a bow tie.

I mostly know Lubar from his collections of campfire stories and middle school”horror” stories. Despite this, Martin finds himself accepted into a group of misfits that includes Hieden, Cheater, Flinch, and Lucky. The driver leaned over and pulled the handle, thrusting open the bus door.

Hidden Talents, David Lubar FanFiction Archive | FanFiction

One thing I did not like was the principal’s use of electroshock treatment on Martin – having worked in residential treatment, I know this kind of thing is used but there are a lot of safeguards in place to protect the kids. I could see how if you got angry a lot and things seemed to fly around and break all the time around you so you get blamed for all the kubar even if you didn’t touch things … that would get annoying and just make you even more angry.

I followed Principal Davis inside the building. The kids in this book have really hard lives.

Cheater is telepathic, Trash is telekinetic, Flinch is clairvoyant, etc. As the weeks go by, Martin starts to notice that his new friends have some interesting talents.

A man slipped out from behind the door and walked stiffly down the steps.

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