El Cordón Dorado, Hitlerismo Esotérico. “The Hitlerist Cosmogony was revealed to me in Antarctica in , shortly after the end of the Great. Hitlerismo Esoterico – Miguel Serrano – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Miguel Joaquín Diego del Carmen Serrano Fernández, better known as Miguel Serrano (10 . He also produced a trio of books that came to be known as his ” Hitler Trilogy”: El Cordón Dorado: Hitlerismo Esotérico (), Adolf Hitler, el Ultimo.

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Through these dimensions one can enter and exit analog worlds. They are firmly situated on top of subterranean worlds connected by tunnels and temples, old remote cities John Dee, an extraordinary Alchemist and English mathematician during the 16th century said that the Earth was not round, but concentric at the Polar Caps.

Refresh and try again. A Record of Two Friendshipswas published.

The repeated foot stomping on sacred ground made contact with the astral world and communication was possible The tribe of Judea, which was the most primitive tribe in existence at that moment in time, falsified all the history of the world including the history of Israel.

Here, he sought to engage a younger audience by contrasting his millennial vision of Nazism with his perception of the corruption of modern liberalism.

El Cordón Dorado: Hitlerismo Esotérico

The New Age Santiago. Before the arrival of the Celts, the Druids knew the secrets of the invisible magnetic currents that flow within the Earth. According to the legends Hyperborea can only be accessed by a secret tunnel through the ice which runs right up to the Euphrates. Conversely, Goodrick-Clarke thought, for younger neo-Nazis, “a coloring of pop mythology, Hinduism, and extraterrestrial Aryan gods adds sensational appeal to the powerful myths of elitism, planetary destiny and the cosmic conspiracy of the Jews.


Archived from the original on 15 January Whoever may pretend to regard that tragedy as one more World War has not understood anything of what came to pass.

El Cordón Dorado: Hitlerismo Esotérico by Miguel Serrano

And so it has been universally understood by the many editions that have been made and continue to be done to date in different languages and countries. Speech that was delivered by Miguel Serrano in after his participation in the Second Chilean Antarctic Expedition — Internado Nacional Barros Arana. Pablo rated it did not fsoterico it Nov 02, During the Second World Warin which Chile remained neutral, Serrano campaigned in support of Nazi Germany and promoted anti-semitic conspiracy theories through his own fortnightly publication, La Nueva Edad.

Alex Kurtagic rated it it was amazing Jan 29, The Celts arrived hitlersimo.

Miguel Serrano

esoterici He was later made ambassador to Yugoslavia and then Austria, and while in Europe made contacts with various former Nazis and other far-rightists living on the continent. A Book of the Resurrection was published, a form of autobiography influenced by Jungian psychology. The Pagan Revival and White Separatism. Hollow EarthAtlantis Hyperborea.

.: Hitlerismo Esotérico (Don Miguel Serrano)

Before the 14th century the people would dance in a circle with the spiritual leader in the center. The Druids are not Celts. Esotericoo they live where there is little oxygen and their blood is blue. This is my reincarnation, the reincarnation of my melody, my perfect note. In he joined an occult order founded by a German migrant which combined pro-Nazi hitlwrismo with ceremonial magic and kundalini yoga. Sep 01, Samira Elytess rated it it was amazing Shelves: Everything that has happened since the close of the Second World War has made the Jews stronger, has made them more loyal to their God and they have won the promised land, Jerusalem; the only place where their Jehova wants to be revered When someone is submerged in a myth, a legend, in the symbols, in the Green Ray, that person is possessed by the cosmic forces of history.


Therefore, as a result, the Chilean race of today has Nordic blood Paul Bochet wrote much about the Druids.

Open Preview See a Problem? And it is from here that the Egyptian Pharaohs were taught and then sent out to setup their Egyptian dynasties.

hitlerlsmo La Nueva EdadOfficial website. New York University Press. Schocken Books [, c]; London: Excalibur, XIV winter According to Goodrick-Clarke, Serrano’s “mystical Nazism” was “a major example of the Thulean mythology’s successful migration to South America in the post-war period”.

Scott Thornton rated it liked it Jul 23, Because in hitleris,o preservation of their blood heritage they maintain the pact with their particular God. The best summary of Serrano, a poem.

Jung was not heard of and the Jew, Freud, became famous. Yes, loyalty to the ideals, to the dreams, hltlerismo the glories of the night of the past, to the ghosts of the vanished comrades, to all that which is lost in the projected light of the martyred Earth, to the nostalgia of a Golden Age, when the heroes still lived among us, when the Gods spoke to us. This is also part of my Polar initiation.

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