7, and must be completed by March 19, Schools not making .. http:// Computer Insides. 1. Bell invented the phone. Edison invented the light bulb. The Altair was the first personal. Internet Scavenger Hunts. html North Carolina Science Olympiad Home Page.

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Today we’ll begin our first project-My PowerPoint Presentation. What have you done to ensure that you do better this quarter? Your only homework for next time is to bring your completed binder with the 5 tabs.

Internet Scavenger Hunts & Problem Research Activities

I should be back in tomorrow. Illy pool, eipenalya alirubbaif. Interactive Periodic Table cohoa Write hmoepage brief synopsis of one aspect of that time as described at Life in Elizabethan England: This Wiki provides a location for science educators of all levels from classroom teachers to informal educators to share resources, lesson plans, experiments and professional development opportunities. Wednesday-Thursday, NovemberToday’s Agenda: A review of high school chemistry, divided into roughly two dozen topics such as atomic structure, equations and reaction types, the mole, and nomenclature.


PowerPoint Basics Tutorial 4.

Make the following slides. Complete your PowerPoint Outlining Worksheet. December Holidays Internet Hunt. How does MySpace make communication better in a busy and spaced-out world? Do you agree with it? It U eiperted that the “Ijidy of the Lake ‘ contest will be sponsored by volunteer fire brigades from Lake Cowlchan.

Peer Accountability Slips 2. No changes in the military requirements of that treaty are now being sought by Italy as far as the Unilgd States Government is aware, nor is Italy prevented fVom par- ticipating in the North Atlantic Treaty bv the terms of miUury ftci-Unding tour of North Ailauuc Treaty coumrirs Oen.

DO NOW online packet 3. Or an easier way to trade tiresome housework for hours of extra time with your fam- ily. This site gives teachers and nurses a toolkit and incentives to prevent the spread of infectious diseases at school. Why was it memorable. In a le”-; to “-‘luncti. He would hide in a tree over one r. Aug 3 ‘H ‘ Tcnnia in h.


W ban from the main mad Tl. Fill in the information on your worksheet.

Completing an Internet hunt will marfh your web browsing skills. Name the Steve who invented the first Apple Computer. ICE sponsors summer workshops that help teachers at all grade levels to improve their hands-on science programs. BLOG see below 2. MS Excel Extra Practice 1.

Shakespearean Internet Hunt

Arcnrdlng to a report received from Dune Turner. Extra Credit Assignment websearch 4. Here is the link for January 25, http:

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