The Neanderthal Parallax is a trilogy of novels written by Robert J. Sawyer and published by Tor. It depicts the effects of the opening of a connection between two versions of Earth in different parallel universes: the world familiar to the reader, and another where Neanderthals became the dominant intelligent hominid. That, believe it or not, is just one of the bizarre thematic conundrums Bob Sawyer bitch-slaps readers with in Hominids, a work of pop-literary shock-and-awe that. In this polished anthropological SF yarn, the first of a trilogy from Nebula Award winner Sawyer (The Terminal Experiment), Neanderthals have.

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The book itself was good, but I took one remarkable thing from it, something I consider every time I talk about “work”, more than a decade later. The premise is terrific too. The Barasts also do not believe that the universe had a beginning and do not adhere to the Big Bang theory.

Hominids (Neanderthal Parallax Book 1) () by Robert J. Sawyer | From couch to moon

In the first installment of a projected Neanderthal Parallax trilogy, both civilizations are afflicted with cancer. Sawyer From couch to moon says: Doctors, professors, and the like apparently don’t know how to say “no comment” when the media comes calling.

A Neanderthal physicist, Ponter Boddit, accidentally passes from his universe into a Canadian underground research facility. This is one of the latter kind – equally excellent and terrible.

Nov 21, prcardi rated it it was ok Shelves: That’s kind of like saying at a job interview that your biggest flaw is being a perfectionist. The Barast do not find this disturbing in the least, which one Gliksin theorizes is because, as they are still a civilization completely composed of active hunters, they have been exposed to such scenes since childhood. Lest roberr think that this is an outrageously absurd premise, I hasten to point out that it was a quantum computer.


Having said that, the courtroom stuff takes up maybe a third of the narrative so it does not actually ruin the book. Sawyer Calculating God,etc. Further investigation reveals that his world is in fact also Earth however one where Homo Sapiens died off and Neanderthal became the dominant human sawywr. The concept of a society evolved from Neanderthals was deftly handled.

Other books in the series. I feel like chastising Sawyer’s editor on this for dropping the ball. However, facilities and living styles are fully and truly ‘separate but equal’ in barast society, and in the rare event that it is too difficult or resource intensive to do so for example, large scale scientific facilitiesthis separation is ignored without incident.

August 5, at 5: Paperbackpages. Still, neutrinos poured out of the sun in such vast profusion that collisions did occasionally occur—and heavy water was an sawwyer target. Sawyer is one sawger Canada’s best known and most successful science fiction writers. In the early s Sawyer went on to publish his inventive Quintaglio Ascension trilogy, about a world of intelligent dinosaurs. You’re basically saying that your whole society has developed sophisticated scientific and ethical structures while having the intellectual life of a cabbage.

That event caused the first divergence of the universe, himinids since then it’s consciousness specifically, having it that has made all the difference.

The Neanderthal Parallax

View all 3 comments. There were just so many great ideas in this book! View all 5 comments. Barasts have domesticated wolves as companions, but have not bred them into the many varieties of the domestic dog. All barasts would consider themselves bisexual by the gliksin definition; they form hominkds bonds while two are not one.

HOMINIDS by Robert J. Sawyer | Kirkus Reviews

This book won the Aurora Award for the best Canadian science-fiction novel in English. As with any Sawyer book I’ve read, this is a fast read; Sawyer keeps the plot moving and keeps you wanting more. It was clever; it made me want to continue reading the next weekend I have on a beach somewhere; it’s a cool little novel that introduces a cool little series and could make a really cool little television mini-series for the Geico set, but it’s not great.


Now, the Neanderthals are doing their Quantum Computing experiment in the bottom of an old Nickel mine to shield it from radiation.


Arriving on Earth he finds himself inside a sphere of heavy water used for neutrino research. Even though Hominids is the first book in a trilogy, it is very self-contained, so don’t worry that you will be left with tons of loose ends and teasers for the second book. I heartily recommend Hominids to anyone interested in a glimpse at a world where Neanderthals became the dominant species. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Unfortunately, most of the human characters leave much to be desired. It seems that every so often, the sci-fi community embraces a new variant of the old story where an enlightened figure from a superior society descends to point out everything that’s wrong with us.

I remember really enjoying the first third or so of Hominids, and then feeling preached at for the rest of it. What’s going to top that for life-changing drama?

Ray Gardener Hi, um, sorry, I was just filing a review after reading the book, I didn’t see it being a recommendation jominids anyone. Honestly, this is the only good portrayal of a polyamorous person I’ve seen in published fiction. Recordings are maintained after death; it is not made clear what the reasoning is for this and under what circumstances and or by whom a deceased person’s archive can be accessed.

I found the science parts interesting, and Sawyer could write when he was doing ideas. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Readers will, I think, feel distinctly patronized.

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