Download Honda TRX ower’s manual online. Honda. TRX. . honda-cbf -cbxtwister-workshop-manual-english-optnopw. So, show of hands how many people on here with Twisters? google honda- This is the official Honda Workshop Manual, translated by me from Spanish: Honda CBF CBX Twister Workshop Manual English Here is a convenient chart.

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manual honda twister Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

Unlikely that it cf an issue. Have been tracking the fuel consumption the past month plus. D So the first commute with the 14 tooth went well.

The problem is that I don’t think that Worlshop can keep up the uncle riding style for long as it has such a willing engine. I think it was on this thread about 4 years or so ago. Answered on Dec 19, The starter pulls a lot of amps from your battery. After the scan has finished, click on the Report button Clutch not adjusted properly. Maybe it is my generous application of the throttle? Which model of the phantom yourode previously?


Thanks FixYa you were a help. I still don’t know why The only one I’ve seen before is Super 4’s type.

Hope can find accessories for this bike. That “13” at the end sounds wrong. They are such genuine bikes. A warped brake disc shouldn’t cause the bonda to wobble though. You just plug them in. After finding it, I copy and pasted their link in an email and I sent it to them and asked for a quote.

It’s worth a thousand words.

Honda CBX 250 Twister

Thanks Hobbesfound this really helpful, due for an oil change soon. A Threat Scan will begin.

Hi I have a problem on my Twister. Not sure about cost but I would imagine a minimum of R for a really basic service oil, oil filter and spark plugs.

I believe it is a model. I know Tulip and Hobbes each have one. I bought my in with 24k km on the clock for R14k. AdwCleaner will begin to scan your computer like it did before. As I’m still running in now, haven’t really tried the power yet This is just my take on things, but your bike looks spotless.


You just need to locate the fastening nuts on the twister which should not be too difficult. And after 4 years of Phantom, decided to change to Twister 10 mths ago. Apr 09, Honda CBX.

Sent from my SM-N using Tapatalk. So I presume it’s the red one with km? You gain about rpm. Yep had it when the battery was discharged or about to give up the ghost. My meter would not work for a while then there was a total black out.

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