Imagine: How Creativity Works is the third non-fiction book by Jonah Lehrer, published in It explores brain science, and creativity and its social aspects. The origin, pursuit, and secret of creativity are a central fixation of the at the heart of Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer — who. How did Bob Dylan write “Like a Rolling Stone”? The pop-science writer Jonah Lehrer wasn’t there, but he pretends to know anyway. Inspired.

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But you find two copies at a local bookstore, and you begin reading it, and liking it more and more. How Creativity WorksJonah Lehrer presents a series of experimental findings and narratives, and draws them together to into an optimistic thesis on creativity and innovation.

It’s both weird and entertaining when coincidences like this happen. The left hemisphere is where speech creativitt is located, where the meaning of words is understood, but the right hemisphere was vaguely associated with creativity. If eighty percent of success is just showing up, the rest is perseverance. At another point, he offers a “parable” about how knowing less about a field of endeavour can help us think more creatively about problems in it, but we can all name a million counter-examples.

His last words were, ‘Let’s do it. Sometimes it’s triggered by a misreading of an old novel.

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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Before we can find the answer – before we probably even know the question – we must be immersed in disappointment, convinced a solution is beyond our reach. This makes it a fun, feel-good book–it’s just not a definitive work. You would cretivity that these issues, added together, would disqualify the book from my serious attention.


Imagine: How Creativity Works: Jonah Lehrer: : Books

Imagine also peddles a strain of peculiarly unhelpful self-help. In the preceding chapter, he beats the drum of travel as the critical path to gaining diverse experiences and gaining exposure to diverse ideas, but when he gets around to talking about big cities The g I have a friend whose husband is a book rep – she passes me the books that she thinks I’ll find most interesting, so I lucked into a galley copy of this book.

That kind of style can muddle some of the nuance that is otherwise necessary for a meticulous scientific crestivity.

For most of us, this is fantastic news. I waffled between 2-stars and 3-stars. As someone who has trained people in business creativity for over 15 years, it was also very interesting seeing a degree workks scientific basis for what we’ve known pragmatically for a long time about ways of jonsh creative.

If you build your work around the revelation of surprising theories, you need the ability to both show and tell, and there will be an urge — since this is literature and not pure science — to sit on top of the suitcase until it closes. I’d love to hear comments lehrrr other readers–maybe we could encourage a second edition, or maybe you’ll all tell me to get over myself. Secondly, and more damningly, the book is so male-oriented that it inspired the kind of frustration I haven’t felt since the bad old days of teachers “jokingly” telling the girls they couldn’t do or be something or other.

Find some way to relax. Lehrer explains the creative process based on quality scientific research which means that we are now able to understand the process of creativity and repeat woris.

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Some things seem like ‘well duh’ but they really aren’t. Then he zooms out to show how we can make our neighborhoods more vibrant, our companies more worka, and our schools more effective. The Latin phrase — this is from memory, I have been unable to confirm it — is ex opere operato. Despite this, though, there a fair amount of useful material in a book that is generally an easy read.

While regional accents are terrific, h This audiobook kept me rapt en route to school and home again for about two weeks. But not all the sins, I am about to argue, are equally grievous. ADHD sufferers excel, except here, take some amphetamines and focus intently, except, hey, you lost all that right-brained disparate input.

We notice an incompleteness and we can complete it: I began reading this book, fascinated by some of the ideas, and not knowing much about Dylan’s history or creative process, or the medical research Lerher describes.

To baselessly bash something useful just so one can come up with something surprising to say is irresponsible. Those kinds of encounters, even if they are seemingly insignificant, are the ones which prompt us to think in new ways. In the end, to an extent, this is inevitable because the arty side is so subjective.

Imagine goes beyond simply describing the processes to describing how they have been applied in jonzh.

He wanted there to be mixing.

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