The Hutt Gambit Rebel Dawn. Author, Ann C. Crispin. Genre, Science fiction. Publisher, Bantam Spectra. Published, The Han Solo Trilogy is a trilogy of science fiction novels set in the Star Wars galaxy. It follows. Here is the second novel in the blockbuster new trilogy that reveals the never- before-told story of the young Han Solo. Set before the Star. While The Paradise Snare gives us some much-needed set up for Han’s ultimate journey, it’s in The Hutt Gambit that a more recognizable.

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As they dodge attempts at capture by bounty hunters, Han begins smuggling for Jabba the Hutt’s uncle, Jiliac. This part is good! Except I’m not feeling guilty at vambit.

The Hutt Gambit: Star Wars Legends (The Han Solo Trilogy)

Xaverri the magician, Shug Ninx the ace spaceship mechanic, Salla Zend the ass-kicking female smuggler, Admiral Greenlanx the Imperial admiral-they all play small roles, but are critical to really fleshing out the story. And I applaud Crispin for it. This further frustrated Teroenza, who entertained thoughts of seizing the Ylesian operation as his own.

Taking a break from smuggling for several weeks, Solo and Chewbacca joined Xaverri, serving as stage hands and occasionally performing in her shows. All of this is set-up and not paid off here. The gamvit is definitely more episodic, with not so much of a single emphasis, other than the Ylesia plot you might remember from The Paradise Snare. The smuggler narrowly escapes a brutal pirate attack, the blame for which is laid upon the Besadii clan.

Feb 20, Minutes. The Han Solo Trilogy 4 books.

As far as Solo is concerned, he saved the Wookiee to repay Dewlanna for saving him nearly five years earlier, when Han Solo escaped Garris Shrike. Turning again to that faithful standby, a life of crime, Solo begins working for the Hutts and acquiring the money and reputation he needs to make it as as first-rate smuggler. I wish Ann Crispin was alive to write more books like these.

Teroenza’s seemingly endless shipments of nala tree frogs to Nal Hutta were indeed exposed to the toxin and Aruk unknowingly became addicted to it. Aside from Chewie and Lando showing up and even a cameo from Vader you get a whole bunch of new, interesting characters. On his first Kessel Run, Solo’s friend and old-time smuggler Roa accompanies him to avert any mishaps. Whatever the reason, it’s a bit odd to miss that here. I wouldn’t count it among my favorites, but it was worth the time, and is a stronger book than some of the newer Expanded Universe books.


We get to go with them through their journey, to watch as Han improves his skill, learns his trade, makes an impression on those around him, and meet up with people we know from other novels.

I enjoyed this book even more than the first Volume Xaverri, who had strong sympathies to the smugglerssoon decided enough was enough and Jutt and Chewbacca returned to their home on Nar Shaddaa.

It’s just a really confusing mess of a book, which I hate to say, because I’ve enjoyed other works by Crispin. We meet Lando and ga,bit ship the Millennium Falcon. A Star Wars Story” will not only show these to us a little better but perhaps accomplish what these novels tried to do a tad bit better additionally. The Hutt Gambit by A. This story arc portrays Han being a nice guy, getting into a lot of bad situations, meeting and falling for women, hutt ultimately being hung out to dry.

This article has multiple issues.

One great strength of Crispin’s approach is that, unlike screenwriters Lawrence and Jonathan Kasdan, she takes her time in telling the story she needs to gambi.

Desperate for money, Han and Chewbacca take a spice smuggling run from Jabba the Hutt who has inherited his aunt’s criminal empire through the Kessel Run. On Ylesia, business was booming and the Besadii clan was making unprecedented profits. I enjoyed the connection to Dark Empire with the inclusion of Salla, Shug, and Mako who was a better man decades ago. There some minor quibbles I’ll point out: And last but not least, we do not read about how Han and Chewie meet up.

The trilogy brings both The Adventures of Lando Calrissian and The Han Solo Adventures trilogies into chronological context with the Star Wars expanded universe timeline, whereas before, the time periods of these trilogies were somewhat ambiguous, being known only to have occurred sometime prior to the events of A New Hope. Also in the story, the Hutts are asexual. With the release of the three Star Wars prequel films huyt inand a copious amount of Expanded Universe material, some of the stated information about minor characters of the original trilogy became inaccurate and as such necessitated a retconned explanation.


Aug 21, Adam Koebel rated it liked it. Revenge of the Sith I think another reviewer on here said it best, “it’s a tell-don’t-show” situation.

Crispinwho is obviously a fan of Han Solo, has her hero leading smugglers in an attack on an Imperial Fleet come to destroy Nar Shaddaa, it doesn’t matter that it further damages his original trilogy character development the worst damage was done by Lucas, after all, so the Creator himself set the precedent.

This review has been hidden because gabmit contains spoilers.

The Hutt Gambit

Shild also intends to blockade Nal Hutta until the Hutts agrees to military occupation and the presence of customs inspectors. Han feels more like Han in The Hutt Gambit, and Crispin avoids overusing “Honey” and “Sweetheart” in his speech like she did in The Paradise Snare I don’t remember seeing a single instance of either, in fact. Also between battles we meet the bounty hunter, Bobba Fett; Lando Calrissian and an interesting cast of characters. Initially unbeknownst to the Solo, Jiliac and Jabba are preparing to make their bid for supremacy among Hutts by targeting the Besadii clan’s spice refining operation on Ylesia.

– Books – Reviews | The Hutt Gambit

Not only has he failed in achieving his dream, he has a Wookiee claiming to have given him a life debt and won’t stop following him, no matter how often he objects or attempts to flee. Then, when the two become friends, they never shut up ggambit the ‘pals’, ‘buddies’, and ‘old chums’.

Lando Calrissian let Solo know about an upcoming sabacc tournament on Cloud City he would be attending. When Teroenza shipped one last case of nala gamblt frogs without the toxin, Aruk went into shock and soon died a most agonizing death as his brain hemorrhaged.

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