The Hydracore is one of the most versatile machines for core drilling. It is ideal for drilling N size holes to about feet, but it can also drill H size to . Hydracore News. Stay up to date with the latest Hydracore News. . We are building three Manportable drills, two Hydracore s, and one Gopher top drive. The Hydracore is a light weight (lb/pick) diamond drill that can be used in skid mount and heliportable operations. This rig is designed for modular.

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The underground feed frame is made to be as short as possible so that the drill stations can be kept hydraclre the minimum size. A unique cylinder 20000 used that is better than what other suppliers have. Gophers are rated at feet B or feet of N. We have sold two heads with this new chuck […] More. These charts have information that you cannot find anywhere else, about drill bit sizes, drill rod sizes, and constants that can be used to figure out drill bit and drill rod torque.

Eventually I think a lot more chucks are going to be made this way. Drillers like using it. No one pays much attention to what the maximum amount of torque a drill rod string can take is. The Hydracore Manportable has the power of the Hydracore but hydrcore a package that can be moved on trails by men or ATVs.

Things Have Started to Pick Up – Hydracore Drills

This month I have added a few links on our site to other companies who are our authorized distributors. On a machine like a Hydracore with a variable displacement motor or many other machines with gear boxes, the only way to hyrdacore this extra torque is to slow the rotation speed down, either by gearing down or increasing the motor displacement.


The Hydracore Gopher Underground is made for mines where a lot of short holes need to be drilled quickly. The Hydracore has the same P size head as the Hydracorebut the feed frame is larger.

I think I […]. Like everyone in core drilling we slowed right down in and it seems like hydraocre slow pace is going to continue for a while longer. Specifications for HP version.

Hydracore 2000 Underground

We have sold two heads with this new chuck now, but these will be the first complete machines that will come with them. This chart predicts that the bit torque for an AO bit would be half what is required for a BO bit.

Often the drag from the drill string can be cut in half just by greasing the rods, but this chart may perhaps give an idea of the amount of drag from different rod sizes. This sometimes makes our machines seem to appear inadequate on paper. Some customers have drilled hydrzcore of N in very inaccessible sites with these machines.

Drills – Hydracore Drills

The Hydracore Underground drill uses many of the same components as the Hydracore surface drill. Hydracore hysracore work really well! This month we are not very busy so we are building a machine for stock. It is not like nothing has happened, but it has been slow. The diameter used to calculate the torque constant is the diameter mid-way between hydraccore outside, and inside of the kerf of the bit. The chart shows that it will take about half as hydracofe torque to turn an A size rod string as a B sized one.

The Hydracore is the most powerful drill Hydracore makes. These Hydracore s will be the first two machines we have sold with our new Hydracore Link Chuck. The Hydracore Underground uses many of the same simple, reliable, low maintenance, and well proven components as the Hydracore surface drill.


One difficulty was that this machine will […].

This is the first year where most of the machines we have sold are Hydracore machines with P chucks. This chart gives a rough idea how much to slow down. This makes it very economical to own if a company needs to do both surface and underground drilling, as many of the spare parts will fit either drill.

I no longer have […]. So far we have not had the equipment to test it at any higher forces than this. On the specification sheet for a Hydracore the torque in low speed mode is not as high as with some other drills like a Longyear LF 70 for example. Both of these charts have some extra information on them that you cannot get anywhere else.

No parts have yet required replacement, not even the jaws. The special components for the underground version are the feed frame, and the feed frame positioner. Then I went to Chile to see Expert Drilling. Things have finally started to pick up around here after a very slow Many of our customers have found this out by running these machines. The Hydracore Manportable is the combination of our Hydracore H size drill head, with our manportable powerpack.

Stay up to date with the latest Hydracore News.

Au Com solid state soft start, with ground fault protection, and 1 KVA transformer. All of the s are now hyxracore with our new Link Chuck.

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