A review of the genera and species of Hymenoptera Parasitica and Chrysidoidea reported so far from Reunion Island is provided with host. Posts about hymenopteran parasitica written by Irene Lobato Vila. Order Hymenoptera (Ants, Bees, Wasps and Sawflies). No Taxon “Parasitica” ( parasitic Apocrita). Synonyms and other taxonomic changes.

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Bulletin of Entomological Research 84 2: Trichopria belouvi Risbec, Phylogeny and Classification of Hymenoptera. Aphelinidae in the biological control of the spiralling whiteflies Aleurodicus dispersus Russell and Lecanoideus floccissimus Martin et al.

Apanteles galleriae Wilkinson, Risbec Host information: Cotesia ruficrus Haliday, Coccinellidae in the Russian Far East. LepidopteraNoctuidaeAmphipyrinae. The basal branching point in the tree represents the ancestor of the other groups in the tree.

Unknown Synaldis robusticeps Fischer, Recorded from: Larvae are legless and parasiticz, and either feed inside a host plant or animal or in a nest cell provisioned by their mothers. Eurytoma ivohibei Risbec, Le Francois, Paris, pp. Articles with ‘species’ microformats All stub articles.

  6EP1 935-6MD11 PDF

Platygastroidea of Golestan province, Iran. Unknown, but Banchinae are parasitoid of Lepidoptera larvae Rousse and Villemant Trichopria Ashmead, Trichopria belouvi Risbec, Recorded from: Adelphenaldis grimmorum Fischer, Aphidius colemani Viereck, Koinobiont parasitoids undergo a quiescent period during the egg or larval stage, allowing the host to develop to a later and usually larger stage of development before killing it.

The review includes three tables summarizing 1 the Ichneumonoidea2 the Chalcidoidea3 the records for the other superfamilies, each with general host information. In a parasitic relationshipparasites benefit at the expense of other organisms, the hosts, which are damaged in result.

Prosevania erythrosoma Schletterer, HemipteraAphididaeGenera: Aphelinidae parasitic on whiteflies Homoptera: Pteromalidae at different densities of house fly pupae. Watshamiella fictitia Wiebes, Psyttalia subsulcata Granger, Apanteles Apanteles nigrofemoratus Granger, Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington.

A literature-based review of Hymenoptera Parasitica and Chrysidoidea from Reunion Island

Mesochorus Gravenhorst, Mesochorus cariniferus Benoit, Recorded from: Some parasitic wasp cocoons are scattered on hosts’ pages throughout the guide and grouped together here. CrambidaeLycaenidaePyralidae Lep. The identified Dendrocerus emerged from a specimen of Rodolia chermesina ColeopteraCoccinellidae Delvareunpublished data Genus: Hyperparasitoid of 48 hemiptera and scales parasitic hymenoptera species Shabaan Evania Fabricius, Evania appendigaster Linnaeus, Recorded from: Cratospila sinenotaulis Fischer, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society

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