Official 9Mm Makarov Pistol Manual [James Gebhardt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. FREE UPGRADE TO PRIORITY MAIL, Brand New. If you think you have a Hungarian or Polish Makarov, check the other pistol page. .. That is, the commercially produced Baikal IJ with a rear target sight does not qualify under the Also, there’s a disassembly guide on the tech info page. Information, pictures, and discussion of Makarov autoloading pistols. IJ70 Manual Scan · Downloads · Other 9×18 Pistols · So Do I Have a Makarov or Not?.

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In our “travels” with the Makarov, we’ve managed to collect quite a bit of information about this pistol.

Baikal Manuals ( IJ 70 ) | Gun and Game – The Friendliest Gun Discussion Forum Online

All of the individual parts of the PM have been optimised for mass production, robustness and interchangeability, partially thanks to captured German tooling, technology, and machinery. No, create an account now. The general layout and field-strip procedure of the Makarov pistol is similar to that of the PP. This theoretically allows the possibility of accidental firing if the pistol is dropped on its muzzle.

It had a small section on loading, shooting and makxrov. Some of the Russian TCW is pretty hot and we recommend changing to a 19 recoil spring. Magazines can be removed from the gun via the heel release, located on the bottom of the grip.


Here are some more thoughts on the “drop worthiness” of the gun with respect to the firing pin from a reader: Also, it is then loose and can fall out of the gun if it rotates back far enough. Also, the Tokarev pistols omitted a safety and magazines were deemed too easy to lose.

The spring-loaded trigger guard is pivoted down and swung to either side on the frame, allowing removal of the slide. First of all there are the true surplus guns, which are recognizable by their fixed rear sight and a lack of any non-cyrillic markings including “Made in Russia.

Makarov pistol

Most common found are 56 and Versions that held ten rounds were produced in greater quantities than the round magazine. The DA makarpv pull is heavy, requiring a strong squeeze, trading first shot accuracy for safety.

The stamped sheet steel slide-lock lever has a tail serving the purpose of ejector. In any case, keep the firing pin clean and lightly lubricated. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.

The one-piece, wraparound bakelite or plastic grip is reinforced with steel inserts and has a detent inside the screw bushing preventing unscrewing during firing. The PM has a free-floating triangular firing pinwith no firing pin spring or mkaarov pin block. Your name or email address: If you absolutely want to shoot. Not only guns and ammo.

Baikal Manuals ( IJ 70 )

The state of California despite all its mqkarov with respect to gun laws tested and approved the Makarov for safety including a drop test. Miltex had an exclusivity agreement with Arsenal before they decided to get out of the small arms business. The chrome-lined, four-groove, 9.


This website will mznual updated and new content added as time allows. The extra [10 round magazine] I purchased would jam every time with XTP’s in it. The importers made these engravings, so if yours doesn’t have this, it’s perfectly normal.

There is a copy of a Baikal manual online: Under the project leadership of Nikolay Fyodorovich Makarovit became the Soviet Union ‘s standard military and police side arm in Ina group of engineers reworked the original design, primarily by increasing the load for the cartridge. It should be available on the web in. Racking the slide, manually cocking the hammer or firing a cartridge all cock the hammer, setting the trigger for the next mwnual to single action.

The way the 9×19 Makarov works is that the chamber is scored or serrated, the brass janual blown out into those serrations thereby retarding blowback.

Comparison of 9mm Diameter Calibres and get this picture of various 9mm case dimensions. See also the discussion on Bulgarian Makarov above. Check the gun a day later for any signs of rust and repeat for a few days The last four digits are the unit number in that production series.

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