Full text of “imam-barbaharee – Sharh us Sunnah – English” .. Imam ash-Shaafi’ ee (dH) said, “The punishment of the grave is true, the questioning of those. imam-barbaharee – Sharh us Sunnah – English. The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please check that your browser supports JavaScript and. About The Book This is the highly beneficial two volume work in explanation of the famous works by Imam al-Barbahari (dh) by the esteemed & noble.

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The Fire is beneath the seventh and lowest earth. After that, Allah bestows His grace abundantly upon those whom He pleases and people are taken out of the Fire, after having been burnt and reduced to charcoal[l].

Raf ul-Astaar by al-Ameer as-San”aanee is an excellent book, being a reply to those who claim that the Fire will eventually come to an end. Adam alaihis salaam was in Paradise, but was removed from it after disobeying Allah. They vary in intellect just l ik e a speck at various heights in the heavens.

His status as an authority within the Hanbali school was not universal, however, and al-Barbahari and his students were often in conflict with Abu Bakr al-Khallalgenerally considered to bafbaharee the sole preserver and codifier of the school.

Then Allah will raise up the creation on the Day of Resurrection in the state in which He caused them to die. Censure of Debating and Arguing Debating, arguing and disputing are innovations which throw doubt into the heart, even if the person reaches the truth and the Sunnah[l].


One babraharee accept, affirm and perform tafweed [1] i.

Reported by Ibn Battah in, al-lbaantul-Kubraa no. It is also reported as the saying of al-Hasan al-Basree d. The actions of the slaves must be done with sincerity for Allah, without shirk.

It is not something left to the intellect and opinions of men. Allah created you and your actions. Rather its meaning is that he is making clear the Path of the Sunnah – this is the meaning of the title Sharh as-Sunnah. Praying whilst wearing loose trousers. There is intercession for every Prophet, likewise for their eminently truthful and sincere followers, the martyrs and the pious. To have Faith that Allah rewards the martyr for his death. It is not created, since the Qur’aan is from Allaah and that which is from Allaah is not created.

You speak to a people who have become corpses?

Full text of “imam-barbaharee – Sharh us Sunnah – English”

All of them were suitable to be Khaleefah. Every person is given intellect and each must act according to the inam he was given Intellect is inborn.

To have Faith that, when the Messenger harbaharee Allah sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam spoke to the dead people thrown into the dry well on the Day of Badr i. To have Faith in the descent of ‘Eesaa alaihis salaam. He was bom in H. It increases and decreases. Action is sought from each person in accordance with the intellect he has been given [1], Intellect is not acquired; rather it is a blessing from Allah, the Blessed and Most High.

Barbahared have Faith that Allah knew whatever would be from the start of time and whatever would not be and that He fully enumerated and comprehended everything that was to be.


He speaks the Revelation with a voice. Whoever hides that has acted deceitfully towards the Muslims. Eemaan Faith comprises of speech, action and beliefs kmam it increases and decreases.

Al-Hasan ibn ‘Ali al-Barbahari

As for other disbelievers, there is no intercession for them. Allah will bring about Justice for all of His creation. The hadeeth is also a reply to those who claim that harbaharee first obligation upon a person is to have doubt, or to reflect and ponder. To have Faith in the punishment of the grave To have faith in the punishment imamm the grave and Munkar and Nakeer[l]. Allah has ordained a way for those women.

Imaam Ahmad ibn Hanbal d. The Sunnah is to offer the funeral prayer for all the people of the Qiblah. Then his soul is drawn out without any pain. Whoever desires the centre of Paradise then let him stick to the Jamaa’ah. That Allah knew everything that would ever barbayaree 2.

If he does not do any of that, he is a Believer and a Muslim in name, even if not in reality. The Believer is made comfortable and blessed in his grave and the wicked is punished as Allah wills [2]. The souls of the Believers are beneath the Throne [2].

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