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Complete Analysis of Doubly Fed Induction Generator Wind Turbine

The rotor side converter controls the generator in terms of active and reactive power, while the grid side innduction controls the DC-link voltage and ensures operation at a large power factor.

It has been shown with the graphical data that the maximum value of C P is 0.

Introduction to Wind Power. The maximum value of this current is limited to a value defined by the converter maximum power at nominal voltage.

The doubly-fed induction generator phasor model is the same as the wound rotor asynchronous machine see the Machines library with the following two points of difference:. Use this input to implement a simplified version of the protection system. The power is controlled in order to follow a pre-defined power-speed characteristic, named tracking characteristic. Wind speed at point C This parameter is not visible when the External turbine Tm mechanical torque input parameter is selected.

Hence, followed the maximum power tracking curve. The tracking characteristic is defined by four points: In addition, this model allows using C grid converter to generate or absorb reactive power. Direct-axis and quadrature-axis component of rotor voltage in pu based on the generator rating. The stator voltage is applied from the grid and the rotor voltage is applied from the power converter.


The mechanical power, Pmech, is described as: Simulink input of the external reference grid-side converter reactive current signal. Rotational speed of the magnetic flux in the air-gap of the generator, this speed is named synchronous speed. Vref This input is visible only when the Mode of operation parameter is set to Voltage regulation and the External grid voltage reference parameter is checked.

Vladislav Akhmatov (Author of Induction Generators for Wind Power)

For subsynchronous speed operation, P r is taken out of DC bus capacitor and tends to decrease the DC voltage. Direct-axis and quadrature-axis component of grid-side converter voltage in pu based on the generator rating. The energy stored in the capacitance in joules divided by the WTDFIG rating in VA is a time duration which is usually a fraction of a cycle at nominal frequency. The coupling inductor initial phasor current in positive-sequence.

In a start up sequence the rotor may be parked held at stopped ,and on the release of the brakes would be accelerated by the wind until the fixed speed was reached. If you know the initial value of the current corresponding to the WTDFIG operating point you may specify it in order to start simulation in steady state.

The total capacitance of the DC link in farads. The maximum current for C rotor is 1 pu. Reference voltage, in pu, used by the voltage regulator.

Nominal power, line-to-line voltage and frequency The nominal power in VA, the nominal line-to-line voltage in Vrms and the nominal system frequency in hertz. Beyond point D the pitch angle is proportional to the speed deviation from point D speed.


Droop Xs This parameter is not visible when the Mode parameter is set to Var regulation. The rotor-side converter is used to control the wind turbine output power and the voltage vladisla reactive power measured at the grid terminals.

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. When External is selected, a Simulink input named Vref appears on the block, allowing you to control the reference voltage from an external signal in pu. This page powee been translated by MathWorks.

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The output of this current controller is the voltage Vqr generated by C rotor. It is proportional to the frequency of the grid voltage and to the number of generator poles. They are, in order: Problem Statement 3 Compare the graphical simulation results with the aerodynamic equation. Maximum rate of change of reference reactive power This parameter is not visible when the Mode parameter is set to Voltage regulation. C rotor and C grid have the capability of generating or absorbing reactive power and could be used to control the reactive power or the voltage at the grid terminals.

Direct-axis and quadrature-axis component of stator voltage in pu based on the generator rating. The magnetizing inductance Lm in pu based on the generator rating. This is the main drawback of fixed speed wind turbine, that only fixed speed wind was able to generate power.

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