What are InvisiClues? The essence of all interactive fiction is solving problems. The purpose of InvisiClues hint booklets is to maximize your enjoyment of the. InvisiClues(tm) Hint Booklet for Deadline hintbook transposed by Paul David Doherty and from The Lost Treasures of Infocom hintbook. InvisiClues(tm) Hint Booklet for Zork I original hintbook transposed by Paul David Doherty and from The Lost Treasures of Infocom hintbook.

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You ingocom chat knfocom this user invisicclues you have blocked him. You can’t invite this user because you have blocked him. Posted January 24, You may have seen in my other thread that I was debating whether or not to get the Zork Anthology. After talking to some of you guys I was compelled enough to get it.


Planetfall is a total blast! It reminds me of The Dig, being stuck on an alien world trying to make heads or tails of the alien technology. Plus, Floyd is alot of fun, he’s quite cartoonish despite this being a text adventure. Floyd even manages to be as funny as Arthur from Journeyman Project 2. Anyways, I was stuck.

I couldn’t figure out how to invieiclues the key out of the crevice. I didn’t want read a walkthrough because it could’ve spoiled other puzzles for me. I really liked the hint books that Sierra used to have that would just tell you what you need to know and let you get back to invisicluues game. Well, apparently Sierra stole the invisicluea from Infocom because infodom had the same thing, they called them Invisiclues.

So, I went online and found an Invisiclues Database that had all them from the company’s history.

The Infocom Documentation Project – Hints

Apparently somebody from the university in my city went through the trouble of copying them in their entirety and posting them online, what a guy. So I thought I’d pass the discovery onto you guys. I’m proud to say I’ve only needed the one clue infoocm far seriously, how was I supposed to know the curved metal rod was a magnet, the game never mentioned it was a magnet and I’m about halfway through the game now with 40 points or so.

I’ve made it to the second complex and I’ve begun repairs on the planet’s machines. It’s so exciting, I’ll be sure to post my full thoughts on the game later.


Anybody else here play Planetfall before? Gragt Gragt Sorry, data for given user is currently unavailable. Posted January 25, Well the typical representation of the magnet is a curved, horseshoe-like, form: Some bits in their games are not always clear, often depending on some common knowledge of the ’80s or some cultural references — Zork II has am infamous puzzle based around baseball, supposedly evident to any American but I would never have guessed it if I didn’t look at the clues.


Glad you’re having fun though. The booklet would have the various question followed by a blank space, and you had to use the marker to reveal the clues and answers written with invisible ink.

And again five of the best Infocom games, including Zork I and Planetfall, were given the Solid Gold treatment, including the clues directly in the game, available by entering “hint”. But the main benefit was to give the game a better parser.


Patches exist to convert your regular release to the Solid Gold one. Oh, and if you like The Dig, you might be interested in Starcross. Knvisiclues also has you dealing with alien machinery that you must first figure out, invisicluee much that some people claimed LucasArts ripped Infocom for that one.

While we are at it, Sierra got also inspired by Infocom for the scratch ‘n sniff card ingisiclues came with Leisure Suit Larry 7: Leather Goddesses of Phobos did a similar thing much earlier.

Posted January 26, Blackdrazon Blackdrazon Sorry, data for given user is currently unavailable. Posted February 02, In a nice little circle, I’ve been interested in Starcross since my early text gaming days because of its absurd mention in the Planetfall Invisiclues! Posted February 09, Starcross is the single hardest game in the Infocom canon. It has its own insider sci-fi references, such as a robot dog that wanders corridors Of course, as the Invisiclues will mention, to solve that puzzle, first you’ll need to find the matching scarf PKodon PKodon Invisiclus, data for given user is currently unavailable.

Posted August 14,

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