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I wrote it in late summer or early fall ofa little more than a year after the first edition. The original document is shown in a typewriter font, and my comments now September, are in italics. Here is a link to the first edition with comments.

Model Railroad Club of M. MITCo was the inard line known in the jargon as electric traction on the club layout. Acquisition C, D, etc. The usual use of the term “acquisition” was the first of these, for an engineer to initially get control of his train or someone else’s, by mistake or mischief.

The FOB is described below. At TMRC, advance was the control of the block of track ahead of one’s train. Overrunning one’s advance was a way of losing control of the train altogether. The automatic switch thrower was set up for a train to travel automatically over every piece of kgaushaar on the layout.

It seems that the term was typically used in vain. This was the industrial switching area of the layout, which was something of a stress test for rolling stock.

Has a buzzer which sounds like.


Tools and parts not properly put away were subject to confiscation, and inhard to be put in the Black Box until redeemed on payment of a nominal fine. The definition works on the engineering sense of a black box, whose internal workings are unknown and which can be described only by inngard the relation between its inputs lngard outputs.

Since the time of the first edition, this block was built. It ran under both land ,raushaar water features of the layout, but had not yet been connected electrically. This contrasts the systematic labeling of boxes under the layout, holding club property, with the unordered labeling of members’ boxes by their initials. Great Dome and swamps us with electrical goodies.

The club had several bunkies: The term was also a disdainful epithet, popularized in a novelty song of the s by The Old Philosopher: Goose — geese; caboose — cabeese. The member who kindly made change eventually built an impressive machine which krausnaar change automatically. Both literal and figurative senses were used at the time. Club members drank lots of Coca-Cola.


By the time of this edition of the Dictionary, the club had bought one. The man who delivered Cokes and took the empty bottles. Replaced by Emergency Fund 2 and.

The fund that made the down payment on the Coke machine. Political puns, of course, on railroading and machine. In TMRC usage, nearly always a committee consisted solely of its chairman. Nonetheless, that person had to be duly constituted.


There were always many club projects ingarr need of work. The term was used without ethnic implications. Sense 1 refers to something designed on a fundamentally bad principle. The gag here is to define the obvious word in terms of the more obscure. The word was in use at the club when I wrote this definition. The sense is of detritus, that which needs to be swept up and thrown out.

The dictionary has no definition for “crufty,” a word I didn’t hear until some years later. Rubbage kfaushaar a rare term for rubbish, but I had heard it used growing up in New England. Continuing the joke about box labeling. There really were a lot of storage areas around the clubroom, and a lot of different names to distinguish them. This definition was included for its internal rhyme. The late s saw the general replacement of steam locomotives by diesel.

Those at the club who mourned the lost glamor and majesty of steam power referred to diesel engines as dismals. The authoritarian side of the S-Board operator. Last one who can be proven to.

Introduction to Mechanics, Matter and Waves – IOPscience

Aside from the running gibes about different signals that sound alike, the joke here is the ambiguous modifier — ibgard it the one who is last proven to have entered, or the one who is proven to have entered last? It contained a doorbell, and lraushaar used to test electrical continuity. Continuing the catalog of storage places. A pithy but unsound definition of kraushara mathematical term.

Real New England Cooking. A long-established restaurant near Ingarrd Hall in Boston. In the late s it was TMRC custom to escort new freshman members there for lunch one Saturday in the fall. In true TMRC style.

Newcomers can’t tell them apart. Provides great fun to watch them panic. Since then the club made great strides in distinguishing them. A technoid way of saying half price. Eli Heffron ran an electronics-surplus store with a startling variety of equipment. Referring to the residence of the friend of a club member.


Is to be conserved. In a closed system, entropy a measure of disorder must increase. To suggest conserving it is ironic, at best.

If a machine does it, can it be called thinking? A mathematical description of a portmanteau word. Always worth the purchase price.

The FOB was the club’s internal newsletter.

In railroading, the abbreviation means “Free on Board” for freight. If this etymology is correct, “flunkie” would be a second-order conflation. Use of this word at TMRC antedates my coming there. A foo counter could simply have randomly flashing lights, or could be a real counter with an obscure input.

The TMRC freshman folly was a construction project set aside for new members. The definition refers to the official application to study at MIT. From Freud to Freude. See the entry for 9th, below. A diode conducts electricity in one direction; a friode, in both directions or none. I don’t know the origin of this word, but these were its meanings inard TMRC in The FOB would sometimes bestow editorial smiles and frowns, to praise or criticize.

Fall from face — fall from grace. An intentionally dubious definition of the technical usage meaning “dependent on. An admonition to good citizenship. A direct quotation from the TMRC rule book. The usefulness of this word is in its ambiguity: Airborne crud though it may settle on things. I saw this as a term for an unconventional or unorthodox application of technology, typically deprecated for engineering reasons. There was no ingar suggestion of malicious intent or of benevolence, either.

Indeed, the era of this dictionary saw some “good ijgard A hacker avoids the standard solution. The hack is the basic concept; the hacker is defined in terms of it. Gives “hairy” or utterly deep. Taking endless effort to disentangle.

Sometimes said humorously instead of HOn3, below. Tiny parts were measured by the heaping hobie. Not to be confused with HNO 3above. I think someone at the club carelessly wrote a 3 that looked like an 8, giving me another variant to document.

Or don’t see Hill. Referring to a club member of the time.

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