For this reason, a few shipowners or charterers choose to appoint an exclusive broker since they believe that the exclusive broker will better protect their. Shipbroking is a financial service, which forms part of the global shipping industry . Shipbrokers are specialist intermediaries/negotiators (i.e. brokers) between. Shipbroking is an exciting, fast-paced career with an international outlook – but what do shipbrokers actually do, what separates good from.

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Inside Shipbroking

Howdy – all books are e-books. The inner workings of the International Bulk Shipping Markets! Payment is via credit card and Paypal. What do you usually see: Save you years in terms of training when you could be earning money. Ship chartering is easy with us Just place your open inquiries and find suitable positions. Or does the job of the shipbroker continues until the goods get delivered?

Phillip April 7, at 9: Naturally, more is definitely better. To give you the essentials, at the cheapest possible price, for you to absorb and comprehend in the shortest possible time. I am a 24 year old lady from Singapore.

Inside Shipbroking – Buy Ship Broking Product on

I have a question on a typical day for a shipbroker. I just bought your e-book yesterday and finished it within a day. There will also be a security process for you to go through to stop unauthorised use of the E-book.

In an industry in which the method, ethics, history and folklore has traditionally been passed on by the ‘old hands’ this book is a great way for a new or aspiring entry to the world of shipbroking to get a invaluable insight into what is often a lifetime profession for those join.

Ego, Greed or Professionalism in your daily ship chartering routine? During my interview with company B, I saw how fixing a deal is just the start of a long process of servicing the clients.

If you have already read ‘Inside Shipbroking ‘ and you have now read and taken time to absorb ‘shipbroker Fast Track’ you will effectively have greater dry cargo shipbroking knowledge than 80 percent of the Shipping Industry.


Bareboat Demise Time Voyage.

For ‘Shipbroking Fast Track’ read the blurb below and then make your informed decision. While researching job opportunities in the shipping industry, I became confused as to the services each company provides in the industry. Testimonials now available at the bottom!

Shipbroking – Wikipedia

Keep up the good work! BTW – You will spend the next 20 years learning the remaining 20 percent! The dialogues feel truely authentic.

Subscribe to our blog articles Analytics, inspiration and fresh ideas for ship chartering community. I then started to review the full terms and was surprised when I reached the bottom of the offer which mentioned: International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea.

Every single day in a chartering office is full of interesting stories. I have allowed limited downloads of the E-book link plus a time frame for expiration – So my suggestion is once you have dowloaded it – print a hardcopy!

Not only the commission paid to intermediaries might be too high but also the communication will be very difficult and misunderstandings or errors may arise.

Getting in the door 33 Important personality attributes 34 Courses and Degrees 35 Direct Access 36 Hot strategies to enhance your employment prospects 50 Feeder Jobs: While I understand every company organises their staff differently, I would like your opinion to reconcile my observations with what I have gathered from your book. In the past, I used to work in a company that used an exclusive broker to market its ships and the situation was even worse. I’ve gone through your training manual.

Your ebook helped tremendously by explaining in clear, simple English all the areas involving shipbroking, chartering, trading, as well as all the types of cargo and ships.

During such proceedings, shipbrokers not only negotiate the price of the vessel on behalf of their principals but also all the logistical details for the transfer of the title and the vessel itself to the buyers new ownersincluding the banking arrangements. Like many financial services, historically shipbroking grew out of the City coffee housesbecoming established at the Baltic Exchange; [1] among its most famous members being Ernest Simpsonex-husband of The Duchess of Windsor diedand Alderman the Lord Mountevans.


So I’ve decided to buy your training manual as well. You definately gave me tips on how to look for a shipbroker job more effeciently and effectively. I’mlooking forward to read his training manual.

Gives lots of information about areas of the industry that only someone who works in shipping would know and so it gives a great insight into all the possibilities that are available of which there are much more than I could ever have realised.

I bought both your e-book and they are really helpful with my job search in the industry, especially ‘Getting in the door’.

Like what you’re reading?

Ben Shipbfoking 27, at 6: MB June 28, at inisde Some brokerage firms have developed into large companies, inisde departments specialising in shipping’s various sectors, e. The shipbrokers not the operation executive were in close contact with the charterers to resolve problems such as delays, cargo problems, and ensuring the goods arrive in good condition.

Look forward to hearing from you in your blog. They seem like they give valuable insight. When a shipowner has a vessel to sell or is looking for a vessel to acquire, the shipbroker will scour the market for buyers, or for suitable sales candidates, discuss with potential counterparties or their broker the main points of the sale transaction and eventually negotiate all of the details, usually based on a standard contract.

Think about a fixture with a broking chain of 3 brokers or more. Check out their website if you have any issues. One day, the shipowner realized that the costs of keeping an exclusive broker was higher than any benefits and decided to open its doors to the competitive market.

That means they are fully downloadable files.

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