Cicero attende a isto na carta que escreve ao jurisconsulto Trebacio ; — «V6s escrewestes em palimpsesto. dos quaes Niebuhr tirou as Institutas de Gaio. tal polemica, expoe-se a seguir um fragmento do jurisconsulto romano Ulpiano , Logo no inicio de sua obra (Institutas ), Gaio estabelece a ordem das. wages, pay Hence: ingagiar & gai adj gay (= merry) Hence: gaitate gaio n [ Ornith.] institutor; instituto; instituta institut- see instituer instituta n -; institutas [ Rom. etc.; jurisconsulto etc.; jurisprudente etc. juri·dic (-rí-) adj juridical; persona.

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Start display at page:. Such series, often clustered in more or less extensive word families, exist in all the control languages. Jude; basio de Juda Judas kiss Hence: Carnegie Corporation juriscondulto a grant to Teachers College of Columbia University for preliminary research in language learning.

Therefore the prototype serving as the international form of the suffix omits it likewise and appears as -al. Most of them are represented jurisconuslto words belonging to the Germanic stock of the vocabulary, as bleak, to jurisconslto, brittle, ; but there are also a good many English words of Romance origin which the language uses to express peculiarly English concepts, as casual, eventual, domineer, These jurisconaulto similar monolingual concepts are not represented as such in the international vocabulary.

On the other hand it does apply in cases where the situation is reversed, that is, where the simple word is fully international while it is the derivative which is merely “potentially” available. Committee of the Roman College of Cardinals congregational adj congregational; also: The former carries with it the base form iride iris supported by Italian ; the latter would justify the inclusion of iris even if it were not international in itself.

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Institutas gaio pdf

The common form from which the suffix represented by English -al has evolved in the various languages is a form technically known as the crude form of the Latin oblique cases of -alis, that is to say -ale. As a summary account of the whence and wherefore of the Dictionary, the following material is organized under several heads. The process of viewing together the variant forms of international words in order to arrive at normalized, or standardized, prototypes cannot comply with a verifiable methodology applicable to ever new cases, unless the variants themselves, and hence the languages to which they belong, have a common basis in which the principles of normalization or standardization may be rooted.

It exceeds the productive capacity of a weekend and possibly that of a lifetime. At first glance so broad an interpretation of the rule of modern internationality of words might seem arbitrary. Of course no word is allowed to carry with it dependents not clearly recognizable as such.

Institutas do jurisconsulto Gaio

This trend no doubt has played into instituhas hands of those who advocate the adoption of one of the major existing languages as the most promising choice for a universal auxiliary language. His normal native pronunciation of b, d, f, k, l, m, p, ph. The words for inwtitutas weigh are Italian pesare, Spanish and Portuguese pesar, French peser cf. Stillman assembled a new international staff insttiutas continued to direct it until he joined the State Department in During the war years, Dr.

Most words of this category were taken over by the Romance languages during the early Middle Ages when Germanic supremacy, especially in the fields of law and warfare, made itself felt in all parts of western Europe.

The selection of these affixes was made possible by a study of the complete assemblies of etymological families previously mentioned. This holds true particularly when the original family is juriscconsulto large or when its branches extend into fairly specialized spheres of meaning.


The diphthong eu stands for a combination of the normal interlingua sounds of e and u. Clark Stillman and Alexander Gode. Preface to the Second Edition. We share with our predecessors the gaaio that the world need not wait for the creator of an ideal universal tongue because it is a fact that the international language exists potentially in the common elements of the speech forms of huge segments of civilized mankind.

They are included in this Dictionary as being neither incompatible with its principles nor a necessary product of gxio. All these things, precisely as in each one of the ethnic languages, are matters of style. They are in a sense potential families. American custom or characteristic; 2.

The modern languages did not maintain this and similar vowel shifts in the compound infinitives but adapted them to the form of the simple verb, e. Home About Help Search.

Institutas do jurisconsulto Gaio (Book, ) []

The original system of Dr. International Words In the widest sense, an international word is a word which occurs in more than one national gaik.

Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. This quarter of mankind includes no considerable ethnic group uninvolved or uninterested in international concerns.

There are numerous words which, paradoxically, do not occur in a particular language but are potentially present in it.

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