Information on Intrigues by fantasy author Mercedes Lackey. Part of the Collegium Chronicles series. Magpie is a thirteen-year-old orphan chosen by one of the magical Companion horses of Valdemar and taken to the capital city, Haven, to be trained as. Intrigues (Valdemar: Collegium Chronicles, book 2) by Mercedes Lackey – book cover, description, publication history.

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Sign In Don’t have an account? Maybe that’s why I get letters from readers as young as thirteen and as old as sixty-odd. He has his friends, he follows the mystery of his parents, and gets caught up in a web of suspicion when the Foreseers maybe see something that somehow could be him.

The plot is straightforward: Mags is still in his first year at the Collegium, and still not entirely sure of his worth or belonging. The little bard uses him to try to gain the notice of her Father, the Bear the healer wants Mags to intervene for him to keep his family from dragging him home. The other hostages said that the couple spoke no language that they knew, but when they rebelled against the bandits, they were killled. Whilst everything can’t, and shouldn’t, be all roses and puppies, I felt that their behaviour seemed to be out of character for the characters they have thus far been conveyed to be, and thus represented a jarring and frustrating note in an otherwise enjoyable, engrossing and diverting read.

Finally Gallen falls, injured when evil brain blasts knock them both down, and Mags runs away. Refresh and try again. Not that you fall, but getting back up again counts for more in the long run. The child, which was Mags, was left in the care of the local villagers, which was how he ended up at the mine.

Seer visions I never like this literary device of Mags, the king covered in blood, and sensations of death, escalate general disdain to reject “Intrigues” Collegium 2 are primarily minor school trials for our boy and pals healer Bear and bard Lena until a final assassination attempt on the king while the Companions’ stable burns, trapping injured Gallen. Oct 04, Pages. So of course now he’s being suspected. Lackfy the game had been introduced “later” in the timeline, perhaps it would fit better, but for the fact the novel was written after “later” books, future Valdemar times show no indication of the impact of such a large scale game.


Under the Vale and Other Tales of Valdemar. He seems overly cowardly. However Mags’ depression is well-portrayed; I find it believable that someone of his background would quickly and easily spiral down into such a situation, especially with Dallen temporarily unable to intriyues effectively to prevent it.

The problem with this, one of them, is that The Collegium Chronicles are set before The Heralds of Valdemar trilogy where Kirball is not played, or even referenced. Intrigues 1 4 Jan 06, Perhaps it was just that Mags spoke out loud more than he did in the previous book, but the attempt to catch his slang and poor grammar on paper made pages and pages of this book into a muddle that was painful to get through.

Mags has been looking for more information about his parents when he finds something. I know a lot have compared lacksy to Quidditch, and I can see how they can think that, but to me it was just a re-hash of Hurlee with some of the obstacle course scenes from The Black Gryphon mashed in.

My stories come out of my characters; how those characters would react to the given situation. No, cancel Yes, report it Thanks!

Not one of Lackey’s best efforts. Apparently all the abuse he suffered while working at the mine makes it okay to heap further abuse on him with no repercussions for the abusers. Oct 05, Pages. Mags doesn’t have much of a personality, really, so it makes it difficult to relate to him.

Foretelling a powerful inheritance? But this book just didn’t deserve any more than intirgues. Books by Mercedes Lackey.

As a result it feels very much like that other series of gifted but under-privileged boy in a special school and I was reminded of the similarity much more than I was in Foundation. If you enjoy the site please consider a small donation towards the cost of the upkeep and development of SFBook.


Mercedes Lackey: Intrigues

And Mags yelled at Lena so she obviously deserves an apology. And there was all this talk of the dangerous game field, yet during every game, it seemed like the terrain never came into play.

If you go into it not remembering Foundation, meredes makes no sense for a really long time.

Yes, human decisions don’t always make sense, and yes, human stupidity is infinite, but that can’t be the center of the plot nercedes a novel, especially one where large numbers of humans are advised by mrrcedes wise magical horses. In the first book: It’s crazy for a while before that, of course, since the crux of the plot is one of those highly contrived coincidences that drives me up the wall. It’s been years since the first book in the trilogy and I didn’t recall details alluded to in this book from that one–but I didn’t really need to in order to enjoy this book.

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Issue 30, January I’m still confused as to why. You can’t bemoan the fact that the central characters are children, or that these particular children are so good and true and noble that they simply must have some sort of emotional crisis every few pages because otherwise, well, it wouldn’t be Lackey.

However, Intrigues was like a cross between Vanyel’s span as a beggar with a heavy focus on the woe-is-me, everyone-hates-me aspect from the Herald-Mage trilogy, the roof-walking lowborn aspect from Take A Thief, and the relationships between Mags and Mags’ friends Bear and Lena are reminiscient of Mercedrs. If you’re already familiar w This, just released, is the second book of a trilogy centered on Mags, one of the first Herald trainees to be schooled though the Collegium.

As such he becomes part of an elite force in service to the crown of Valdemar–a realm in the usual high fantasy mold of a pseudo Medieval European realm.

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