Learn about INVOKANA®, an SGLT2 inhibitor that helps lower blood sugar and risk of cardiovascular disease in adults. See full Prescribing & Safety Info. INVOKANA is a sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitor indicated as an INVOKANA mg once daily who have an eGFR of 60 mL/min/ m2. INVOKANA® is now the only oral diabetes treatment approved to in the INVOKANA® U.S. full Prescribing Information (PI).3 The PI also.

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How Effective Is Invokana?

Indication and Important Safety Information

The submission claimed that canagliflozin mg is equi-effective to sitagliptin mg, based on doses are derived from fixed dose head to head trials and consistent with the product information PI for both drugs. If needed, Janssen, the manufacturer of Invokana, may be able to offer cost assistance for Invokana if you qualify.

Since Invokana is a relatively new medicine, lower cost generics for this drug will not be available for many more years.

A possible cardiac safety signal, was biologically plausible and could relate to factors such as volume depletion. These rashes were mild to moderate in severity and did not limit therapy; there were no discontinuations due to rash. Nearly all reactions occurred during infusion or within 4 hours of completing an infusion. This information and assistance are made available as a convenience to patients, and there is no requirement that patients or HCPs use any Janssen product in exchange for this information or assistance.


Low blood sugar is not common with normal doses of Invokana.

Canagliflozin, tablet, 100 mg and 300 mg, Invokana® – July 2013

Factors that can increase the risk of developing epidural or spinal hematomas in these patients include: Almost all of these patients had received treatment invoakna azathioprine or 6-mercaptopurine concomitantly with a TNF blocker at or prior to diagnosis. Search for Drug Interactions with Invokana. Serious bacterial, fungal, and viral infections, some requiring hospitalization, were reported.

Ketoacidosis increased ketones in your blood or urine High blood potassium levels hyperkalemia Kidney injury Low blood sugar especially when used with other diabetes drugs like insulin or sulfonylureas Serious allergies or angioedema Broken bones fractures Serious urinary tract infections UTI have occurred with this class of medications; contact your doctor if you have any symptoms of a UTI, such as: The PBAC noted also a substantially higher proportion of patients experienced an event of mycotic vulvovaginitis at earlier time points compared with placebo.

Discontinuation due to rash was 0. Median time to the first occurrence of Grade 3 or 4 neutropenia was 16 days range: Severe skin reactions including Stevens-Johnson syndrome, toxic epidermal necrolysis, drug rash with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms, and acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis have been reported in patients receiving darunavir coadministered with ritonavir.

The submission did not include additional costs for adverse events. Consider prescribing short- and long-acting bronchodilators and inhaled corticosteroids for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Aminotransferase elevations were not noted prior to discovery of liver injury in many cases.


Monitor patients during infusion and if a serious reaction occurs, discontinue infusion. Closely monitor patients whose underlying medical conditions might be compromised by increases in blood pressure, hypokalemia or fluid retention, such as those with heart failure, recent myocardial infarction, cardiovascular disease, or ventricular arrhythmia.

Other options include glucagon like peptide 1 receptor agonists, dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors, and thiazolidinediones. Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances.

Serious urinary tract infections UTI have occurred with this class of medications; contact your doctor if you have any symptoms of a UTI, such as:.

It considers submissions in this context. Clinical presentations included cough, dyspnea, and interstitial infiltrates following one to three doses.

Indication and Important Safety Information | Janssen CarePath

Taking too much Invokana may excessively lower your blood sugar. Effects on Serum Creatinine: Published trial for Canagliflozin Hermansen, K et al. Exercise caution in patients who have ongoing or a history of significant hematologic abnormalities. Before initiation, consider factors that may predispose patients to acute kidney injury. Ivokana is usually added imvokana to other diabetes treatmentssuch as metformin, sulfonylureas, or insulin, as an “adjunct”, when a patient no longer responds, or if the blood sugar level is too high at the outset.

Patients should be instructed to follow the directions provided in the Medication Guide.

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