Iskander Mirza is the last Governor-General of Pakistan, and the first President of the country. This biography of Iskander Mirza provides. OBITUARY. MAJOR-GENERAL ISKANDER MIRZA. Iskander Mirza, who died on 13 November , was Governor General of Pakistan () and the first. The only surviving son of Iskander Mirza, Humayun Mirza belongs to a generation whose lives were disrupted by the partition of India in Born in Poona.

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Iskander Mirza married Rifaat Begum on 24th Novemberand the couple were blessed with six children, which included four daughters and two sons.

The title, Mirza lit. Electronic Government of Pakistan. Your services are indispensable for Pakistan. After a brief military service in the British Indian Armyhe joined the Indian Political Service and spent the majority of his career as a political agent in the Western region of the British India until elevated as joint mmirza at the Ministry of Defence in Heads of States and Governments Since google books.

The Causes of the Bangladesh War. Retrieved 6 April At the London hospital where he died, he once said to his wife, Nahid: The newly constituted Electoral College unanimously elected Mirza as the first president upon the promulgation of the first set of the Constitution on 23 March Pakistan’s Defence Policy — Political and Military Perspective.

After the legislative elections held inthe Awami League had been successfully negotiating with the Muslim League for a power-sharing to form the national government against the Republican Party. Members and collaterals of the [Murshidabad] nawab family have been prominent in Pakistani politics, including Iskandar Mirza This martial law imposed by country’s first Bengali president was the first iskahder of martial law in Pakistan, which would continue until the dissolution of East Pakistan in President Mirza demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Suhrawardy and turned down his request to seek motion of confidence at the National Assembly.

Chundrigar but he too was forced to resigned in mere two months. On 27th October mkrza, President Iskander Mirza was made to resign from his presidential post and thereafter, sent into exile to London.


President Mirza had not envisaged any change in his previous powers; he wanted to retain the ability to maneuver things in keeping with his own whims.

Iskander Mirza

Jammu and Kashmir War, — Mirza was educated at the University of Mumbai before attending the military academy in Sandhurst in the United Kingdom. He also studied in the U.

He even introduced martial law in Pakistan for the first time and made his acquaintance Ayub Khan the Military Chief. Sahibzada Iskander Mirzx Mirza Urdu: Original work published by the News International. The Mirza family was an extremely influential and wealthy feudal family in Bengal, with close ties with British monarchy.

Historians also asserted that Mirza’s role as the head of state led him to play an active part in power politics, building an image of being a kingmaker in the country’s politics. Military Politics in Pakistan. After the independence of Pakistan as result of the Partition of IndiaMirza was appointed as first Defence Secretary by Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khanonly to oversee the military efforts in first war with India infollowed by failed secessionism in Balochistan in Retrieved 1 February His political engagements and administrative qualities were the key to his successful political career.

Retrieved 3 November He died of a heart attack on 13 Novemberhis 70th birthday, and President Yahya Khan denied him a burial in Pakistan.

Retrieved 7 April With Ayub becoming the army chiefit marked the change in the military tradition of iekander native Pakistanis and ending ,irza transitional role of British military officers.

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Mirza grew up and completed his schooling in Bombayattending the Elphinstone College of the University of Bombaybut left the university to attend the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst when he was selected by the British Governor-General for the King’s Commission.

Upon these development, President Mirza invited Awami League to form the central government that appointed Huseyn Suhrawardy as the Prime Minister, who made an alliance with the Republican Party, to take over the charge of the government.

The two-man rule political regime was evolved under President Mirza and his appointed chief martial law administration and then- army chief General Ayub Khan. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Iskander Mirza.


Khan as the new naval chief but the civil-military relations continued to be a dominant factor between President Mirza and General Ayub Khan. Webarchive template wayback links CS1: Mirza was appointed and served as miirza political agent of Odisha and North West Frontier Province from until The military government barred them from leaving Iskznder in time despite the best efforts by Ardeshir Zahedi, Iran’s foreign minister, and President Iskander Mirza’s friends in Pakistan and Iran.

Sikander his short span of four years as the head of state, four prime ministers were changed, three of them were his appointees, while the only popularly elected Bengali prime minister was dismissed. Asif Ali Zardari Pakistani.

The following year, due to ill health of the then Governor General Ghulam Mohammad, Mirza was appointed to the post as he was the most suitable person to assume the role.

Iskander Mirza | president of Pakistan |

isiander Fazlul Huq as part of the governor rule that dismiss the United Front. The Armed Forces of Pakistan. Corps of Military Police. In our efforts to evolve an effective structure for future administration of this mriza The Promise of Power: In an attempt to consolidate the powers under his control, President Mirza appointed a new administration cabinet that consisted of bureaucrats and technocrats and unsuccessfully tried by role of the CMLA General Ayub Khan as mjrza Prime Minister on 24 October but such actions could not implemented due to General Ayub Khan’s strong protest and briefly lodged a complain to President Mirza about his ” high hand ” method.

November 15 Khan had successfully reorganized the Muslim League that was threatening the reelection and political endorsement for Mirza for the second term of his presidency.

Retrieved 1 November

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