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Reference number. ISO (E). INTERNATIONAL. STANDARD. ISO. Second edition. Determination of resistance to intergranular . Buy UNI EN ISO Determination Of Resistance To Intergranular Corrosion Of Stainless Steels – Austenitic And Ferritic-austenitic (duplex) Stainless. Buy ISO (R) DETERMINATION OF RESISTANCE TO INTERGRANULAR CORROSION OF STAINLESS STEELS – PART 1.

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Determination of resistance to intergranular corrosion of stainless steels – Part 1: These latter are mostly fitted to customer requirements and shall be evaluated on request.


All bend tests require a tensile test machine or similar, with suitable grips and sufficient strength to bend the strongest alloy. Suggested test methods for different corrosion resistant alloys.

Take the smart route to manage medical device compliance. For alloys not listed in this standard, it will be necessary to carry out some tests on material in various conditions to determine the threshold. Selection of a 361-1 Method The test methods in Table 1 were designed with specific alloys in mind, but the proliferation of new CRAs has meant that the selection of a suitable test method is difficult.

This test should be avoided for most CRAs, except in the circumstances described below, in kso 4. The specifications for bend testing are shown in Table 4. The method is applicable only to austenitic stainless steels supplied in the form of rolled or forged products and tubes and intended to be used in an oxydizing medium for example concentrated nitric acid. SEP also gives guidance on which of its methods apply to which alloys: Table 1 below shows the various ieo for four common standards: FAQ What is standard Become a member?


Ferric sulfate-sulfuric acid test.

МКС EN ISO 3651-1:2009

This standard is identical to: About Us Info center 365-1. Hence, it is normally only used for stainless steels intended for nuclear service, or another application involving nitric acid.

Copper-copper sulfate-sulfuric acid test. The isk convenient size is often a cylinder 10mm diameter by mm long, but other dimensions are possible to suit particular product forms. The faster, easier way to work with standards. Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings.

This European standard specifies a method for the determination of the resistance to intergranular corrosion of austenitic stainless steels in a nitric acid medium by measurement of the oso of mass Huey test. You may find similar items within these categories by selecting from the choices below:.

ASTM G28 method B is a more aggressive test than method A and is intended for more corrosion resistant alloys, as listed in the document. Where a standard is included in a purchase specification, this must be followed, although it is advised that unsuitable tests, such as the Huey test for duplex and super austenitic stainless steels, are queried.

Determination of resistance to intergranular corrosion of stainless steels – Austenitic and ferritic – austenitic duplex stainless steels – Corrosion test in nitric acid medium by measurement of loss in mass Huey test UNIEN ISO Stress Corrosion Cracking Tests according to: Just remember that these tests were devised for specific groups of alloys and should not be applied to all CRAs!


Bestimmung der Bestaendigkeit gegen interkristalline Korrosion. The latter is a German test, but it is often called up in European projects.

Intergranular Corrosion Tests for CRAs

Search all products by. Some suggested criteria for the listed alloys are shown in Table 2, below. ASTM A was designed for austenitic stainless steels, specifically the series alloys. Acetic Acid Salt Spray.

Austenitic and ferritic-austenitic duplex stainless steels. Your basket is empty.

BS EN ISO 3651-1:1998

It can be seen that some alloys fall into two categories, and no guidelines are given for selecting the most appropriate. Salt Spray Fog Test. Both of these tests should be followed by water quenching. Related international standards This standard is identical to: Determination of resistance to intergranular corrosion of stainless steels – Part 2: Stainless steels, Corrosion tests, Intergranular corrosion, Corrosion resistance, Steels, Austenitic steels, Ferritic steels, Acid-resistance tests, Nitric acid, Gravimetric analysis, Test specimens, Specimen preparation, Test equipment, Solution heat treatment, Inspection.

Test Samples Samples may be rectangular or cylindrical to suit the test vessel, but where a bend test is required, it is suggested that the sample be a minimum of mm long.

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