Ivo Andric’s ‘The Bridge Over the Drina’ forces the reader to recognise this. It has in common with the great 19th-century novels a huge cast-list. The book The Bridge on the Drina, Ivo Andric is published by University of Chicago Press. The Bridge Over The Drina . Ivo Andric In the small Bosnian town of Visegrad the stone bridge of the novel’s title, built in the sixteenth.

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Bosnia and the Destruction of Cultural Heritage. In Junehe was allowed to return to German-occupied Belgrade but was confined to a friend’s apartment in conditions that some biographers liken uvo house arrest. Reading this book is like living; there is no emotion, no experience which it does not contain.

They would agree to look at it without blinking and whoever first saw anything andic cry out. They bring home new social and cultural ideas from abroad, among them the concepts of trade unions and socialismwhile newly established newspapers acquaint the town’s inhabitants with nationalism.

Ivo Andrić

The book The Bridge on the Drina is a fictionalized history of all that happened on that bridge. Read reviews that mention bridge on the drina nobel prize ivo andric read this book ottoman empire world war years ago beautifully written austro-hungarian empire former yugoslavia bosnia and serbia around the bridge prize for literature tells the story highly recommend hundred years subject matter balkan history prize winner historical fiction.

He rises through the Ottoman military ranks and around the age of 60 becomes the Grand Viziera position he holds for the next fifteen years. A Grammar with Sociolinguistic Commentary.


Ships from and sold by Amazon. The children were walled into the pier, for it could not be otherwise, but Rade, they say, had pity on them and left openings in the pier through which the unhappy mother could feed her sacrificed children.

Muslim Slavs depicted in the novel, he asserts, fall under three types: The bridge itself would be mined and demolished in the War. It is, in short, a marvelous work, a masterpiece, and very much sui generis. Rather they were the descendants of Slavic converts to Islam, chiefly from among the heretic Bogomil Christians.

Pages with related products. From Yugoslavia to the Western Balkans: Therefore the story of the foundation and destiny of the bridge is at the same time the story of the life of the town and of its people, from generation to generation, even as through all the tales about the town stretches the line of the stone bridge with its eleven arches and the kapia in the middle, like a crown.

See and discover other items: If God had abandoned this unlucky town on the Drina, he had surely not abandoned the whole world that was beneath the skies? Religion and Genocide in Bosnia.

I wonder what I miss in translation, but I am glad to have read it. Local Mass Killing in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Bridge on the Drina : Ivo Andric :

Questions of Identity and Modernity. Tensions flare following the assassination of Empress Elisabeth of Austria in He opened his mouth wide and felt his eyes bulging in his head. Archived from the original PDF on We often assign metaphysical powers to grand urban assets like the Eiffel Tower, but this book made the reader cherish a rural stone bridge as a precious jewel that made life grander and more meaningful for all the villagers who come in contact with it.


As we seek to make sense of the current nightmare in this region, this remarkable, timely book serves as a reliable guide to its people and history. If the times were peaceful and carefree they would hand the plum-brendy around, sing, dance the kolo and often delay there far longer than they had intended. But Hamid, the asthmatic porter, with bloodshot eyes, continually drunk or suffering from a hangover, saw him one night and that very same night he died, over there by the wall.

Only this man, radisav, stirred up the people to revolt and told the Vezir not to continue with this work for he would meet with great difficulties in building a bridge across the Drina.

Review: The Bridge on the Drina by Ivo Andrić | Global Literature in Libraries Initiative

The bridge replaces the unreliable ferry transport that was once the only means of traversing the river and comes to represent an important link between the Bosnia Eyalet and the rest of the Ottoman Empire. And there was never an instance of any andeic of them being able to convince another, or that any one had changed his belief.

It should be noted that the translation is superb, as reading it in the original Serbo-Croatian is a challenge even for the most gifted linguists of the languages of that marvelous mileu that has now become seven separate countries.

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