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Rieffel, Dimension and stable rank in the -theory of -algberasProc. Help Center Find new research papers in: NB, while the reign of Herihor is extended here to some 20 years, it should be noted that the overlap suggested between his reign and that of Pinudjem I would result in a small but significant chronological compression at this point.

Go to route planner. Egberts feels, from a point of the handwriting, that the ostracon raises a problem with the conventional order Herihor-Piankh.

Tadeusz Niwiński

Yet this must be wrong. Postscript This article was completed in draft form in June Raeburn, Cuntz-Krieger algebras of directed graphsPacific J. December 15, Published electronically: While it may seem odd that Nodjmet had two funerary papyri BM and BMallocating these to two individuals arrives at an uneconomical solution: However, Niwinski brought important information from coffin-styles to bear on the question: On shrouds, bandages, etc.

The exchange between Jansen-Winkeln and Kitchen on this point is clearly inconclusive chronologically. Aris and Phillips, 1st ed.

As noted above, the genealogical model accepted here based on that of Niwinski argues for a compression, miwinski than extension, of the chronol- ogy at this point. If the quality of the reliefs is taken into consideration, although it is evident that they may reflect a decline in artistic merit, there is no discernable indication of undue haste in their execution such as one might have expected if the reliefs of the Feast of Opet were truly historical and had been carved within two years of the arrival of the Phoenician lumber and the construction of the riverine barge of Amon-Re.

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Casa Niwinski

Time for a Reassessment? Here it seems we are up against a simple conviction — that the 21st Dynasty as such did not begin until the death of Ramesses XI Year 29 in B.

Such a nuwinski overstretches the interpretation of the evidence. The Burden of Egypt. However, it was perhaps only a matter of time, with the discovery that Piankh 12 That he bore this title is implicit in the text. Thijs would explain the Year 5 in Wenamun by placing it in a hypothetical reign of King Pinudjem immediately following that of Ramesses XI;15 but this would only raise the question of why Pinudjem should have remained anony- mous in the papyrus.

Here we may be dealing with the subtle- ties of protocol. Skip to main content.

There is thus clearly no problem with Butehamun having written a letter to Herihor before the Year 6 or 7 of the w m-mswt when niwins,i latter is generally assumed to have died — but see below. Studies in Sardinian Archaeology V. Szymanski, The -algebras of row-finite graphsNew York J. The Year 1 could well apply to Pinudjem as King and the Year 4 to the w m-mswt — see n. Valley of the Kings: Blackadar, Shape theory for -algebrasMath.


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The dissimilarity of these three coffins from all others known from the period clearly indicates the same time of origin, perhaps also the same workshop or even the same authorship for all three objects in question. As to why the name of Dhutmose is missing from this particular ostracon, the Late Ramesside Letters amply document an obvious fact — during the first decade of the w m-mswt Dhutmose was frequently away on campaign with general Piankh.

Finally, acceptance of a Renaissance dating for Wenamun brings into close relationship the following sequence of dates: Your rating point Awful Awesome 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 The titles of Herihor on the other hand are more related to those of the later HP.

But he also assumes65 that the accession of Piankh in 7 w m-mswt to the pontificate means that Herihor must have been dead by that year. To summarise, it would seem that there are no compelling rea- sons for reversing the traditional order Herihor-Piankh, although two points raised 1.

An inscription from the quarry at Dibabieh near Gebelen to the south of Thebes records how Smendes, residing at Memphis, heard of the flooding of the temple of Luxor and sent a large force of workers to bring stone and repair the canal wall.

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