Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Maritain, ioned. The Degrees of Knowledge is a book by the philosopher Jacques Maritain, his major contribution to epistemology. It was first published in English. Jacques Maritain. London: G. Blackwell. Naturalized Epistemology and Degrees of Knowledge. Jacques Maritain – – University of Notre Dame Press.

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Mnowledge to Maritain, the investigations of natural science fall short of a philosophy of nature because the objective of a thd of nature is not merely to reflect on the methods and conclusions of the physical sciences, but to provide the underlying principles. Jacques Maritain —French philosopher and political thinker, was one of the principal exponents of Thomism in the twentieth century and an influential interpreter of the thought of St Thomas Aquinas.

On Maritain’s view, what distinguishes the fine arts from the work of artisans is that the fine arts are primarily concerned with beauty — i. Since the natural end of each person is to achieve moral and spiritual perfection, it is necessary to have the means to do so, i. Jacques Maritain, Emmanuel Mounier Nine appendices, some longer than the chapters of the book, advance Maritain’s thought, often by taking on criticism of earlier editions of the work.

In it, Maritain attacked the “neo-modernism” that he had seen developing in the church in recent decades, especially since the Second Vatican Council.

Reflections on Stravinsky and Maritain c. Maritain also favoured a number of liberal ideals, and the list of rights that he recognises extends significantly beyond that found in many liberal theories, and includes the rights of workers as well as those of the human and the civic person.

Justin Fitch rated it really liked it Jan 18, Ships same or next business day! It would take a good deal of martiain and concerted attention to read this. RedpathNew York: The analogical knowledge that we have of God falls short of a complete description of what God is. Maritain’s work nevertheless remains influential.

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According to Maritain, in theological wisdom, the divine is known by drawing not just on reason but on faith. He maintained that, despite the differences among them, Kantianism, idealism, pragmatism, and positivism all reflect the influence of nominalism — that universal notions are creations of the human mind and have no foundation in reality.

University of Notre Dame Press. Jacques Maritain, Yves R. This is no surprise. Beauty can be found in nature as well as in art. Quotes from Degrees of Knowledge. Pages are clean and unmarked.

Herder and Herder, Extremely deep account of Neo-Thomistic thought. Maritain’s critical realism holds that what the mind knows is identical with what exists. Eliot once called Jacques Maritain “the most conspicuous figure and probably the most powerful force in contemporary philosophy. Collection “Presences,” Plon, Open Preview See a Problem? To say that one can attain, by reason, some knowledge of God is not to say that everyone can do this.

Alice Ramos Washington DC: Maritain points out that philosophical demonstration is different from natural maritwin or mathematical demonstrations: While Maritain rejects the subordination of the artist to politics and to religious authority, he also denies that artists are answerable only to themselves.

Degrees of Knowledge

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The levels in this hierarchy are determined, then, by how and the extent to which what is known is abstracted from matter. Find it on Scholar.

But it would seem that science also sometimes uses such a method of demonstration. According to Jaroslav Pelikan, writing in the Saturday Review of Literature, “He laments that in avant-garde Roman Catholic theology today he can ‘read nothing about the redeeming sacrifice or the merits of the Passion. Una Filosofia per la Transizione. University of Notre Dame Press, Good Knowledge, Bad Knowledge: The breadth of thw philosophical work, his influence in the social philosophy of the Catholic Church, and his ardent defenses of human rights made him one of the central figures of his times.


While his turn to Catholicism and his intellectual itinerary were largely due to personal reasons and to the influence of friends, his defense of Catholic thought and Thomistic philosophy were undoubtedly affected ajcques events involving his adopted church.

Moreover, in such a state political leaders would be more than just spokespersons for the people Man and the Statep.

Degrees of Knowledge by Jacques Maritain

Jacques Maritain was born on November 18, in Paris. Still, encouraged through his friendships with the Russian philosopher Nicholas Berdiaev beginning in and Emmanuel Mounier fromMaritain began to develop the principles of a liberal Christian humanism and defense of natural rights.


It is rooted in divine reason and in a transcendent order i. The intuition of being that lies at the root of metaphysical enquiry is not “the vague being of common sense” see Preface to Metaphysicsp. The activity of artistic creation is clearly something that is carried out by a subject. As is evident from the preceding remarks, it covers a marutain range of areas — though much of it was written for a general, mariatin than a professional academic, audience.

Neither the positive law nor the droit des gens is, however, deducible from the natural law alone.

Conference-Seminar on Jacques Maritain’s

This law “prescribes our most fundamental duties” Man and the Statep. Sheed and Ward, ; Formal Logic. Newman on the Aims of Education. Gannon University Press, Also laid in are eight pages of hand written rough notes of the review.

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