“Jacques Poulin is one of the finest and most underrated novelists in Quebec. Volkswagen Blues confirms his calibre as a writer, and may give him the. 1 The year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the publication of Governor General’s Award-winner Jacques Poulin’s popular novel Volkswagen Blues. The novel Volkswagen Blues is a novel that was written by Jacques Poulin. It was originally published in French in , and was translated into English in

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And the style was sweet, appeasing. Refresh and try again. They travel in a ‘s Hippie Volkswagon bus equipped with all one jacquex to travel and live. Editions Nota bene, glues Paperbackpages. They were ostracized in both communities, being a mixed couple was a tough choice to live with.

While it is true that this story is written from the perspective of a white Quebecker — and is therefore representative of a non-Native perspective — the representation of Aboriginal peoples by a non-Native author can, as we have seen, perpetuate damaging stereotypes.

Apr 16, Maryanne Proulx-Dumay rated it really liked it. The novel suggests that the French have a deep and respectful bond with Native peoples — arguably brought about by a shared sense of marginalization from the mainstream anglophone culture. Louis and the American West on their way, exploring the history of European contact with the native people of the Americas. I just love this kind of books, because even though the story seems so peculiar and maybe, in a way, unrealistic, it really is about life, in the end.


Volkswagen Blues by Jacques Poulin Members. Apparently nature really did it for him and he just couldn’t contain himself.

All this is explored in mild tones, Jacques Poulin is a soft writer. Nov 04, Anne-Gigi Chan rated it really liked it Shelves: This perception also allows Euro-Canadians to feel a guilty nostalgia about the past and about the disappearance of Indigenous peoples rather than dealing with the effects of colonization in the present. To say that this is unity, however, is false since, as we have seen, Indigeneity is ultimately removed.

One page later, when he picks her up on the side of the road, she is still barefoot and will not enter the van until the cat explores it and ensures that it is safe.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This book can only be described as “delightful”. I won’t lie, my favorite character may be the cat, but that’s because he is such a cute addition to the story that I cannot help myself.

Amazon Kindle 0 editions. Volkswagen Blues by Jacques Poulin is a Quebecois road trip about a man in search for his long lost brother. We don’t know their full names, we don’t know their age or so many other things. Volkswagen Blues was nominated for the Governor General’s Award for French-language fiction at the Governor General’s Awards and was one of the selected novels in the edition of Canada Readswhere it was championed by author and former National Librarian of Canada, Roch Carrier.

At the same time, La Grande Sauterelle, who is struggling with volkswwagen own identity, presents another version of American history, as recounted by the natives, where “discovery” is viewed as “invasion. Jeanne Perreault and Sylvia Vance.


This results not only in misrepresentation but also in exploitation. The man is a novelist whose nom de plume is Jack Waterman. Throughout some of these allusions add for a deeper level of understanding. In order to promote a move toward a more tolerant and diverse society, Poulin embraces the hybrid as an alternative for Quebec.

But it’s the kind of book a Canadian might write after a single road trip through the U. Just finished a third reading. And maybe, that’s what makes the journey so worth it! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Une lecture qui fait du bien.

Volkswagen Blues

The same, of course, applies in Canada outside Quebec. Volkswagen Blues by Jacques Poulin. Project Gutenberg 0 editions.

What a refreshing story U of California P, CD Audiobook 0 editions.

Volkswagen Blues – Wikipedia

Kepps you interested to find the missing brother. What happened to him and what became of him? No current Talk conversations about this book. In the real America, the icons are always less iconic up close, the people are always more complicated I volksaagen to like this book, and tried to like it until the end. And poklin to the museum in the Arch in St Louis. All in all, I won’t change the star rating, but will note that on a re-read I liked this book less than my first encounter with it.

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