Jacques Ravatin left us in March It is by this interview of – below – that we discovered it. It was the continuation and synthesis of a. , French, Book, Illustrated edition: Théorie des formes et des champs de cohérence / Jacques Ravatin, Anne-Marie Branca. Ravatin, Jacques, Jacques Ravatin. Follow. Follow on Amazon. Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations and more coming soon. Learn More.

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What will happen then? The truncated pyramid is obtained while cutting the top of the pyramid to the quarter length of its oblique edges, i. Ravvatin we can detect states much less familiar, much less simple to define, even if the power of their effects leaves no doubt as to their existence. At the end of about an hour, the subject saw a circle of colors appear around the circumference of the cylinder, arranged in the order of the optical spectrum we know in optics.

Q — Some examples, in time or … the cosmos! We risk the same accidents as the magicians of the past, Magic being a special case of using Emissions due to Forms. Jacqques — You know that Chaumery, the first ravtin of Mr.

Then, one lays out on the stems 23 two other ovoidal volumes 30 and 31 respectively, whose tops of lower angle of opening are also directed towards the center of the form F. The sensitive that is projected by means of this Fractal Object will thus reach the domains, places or epochs, planets or galaxies, which interest us.

An important phase of the process was the immersion of the bodies thus treated into an underground river near Vesuvius. The object of the invention is to propose a device presenting characteristics strongly different from those of the apparatuses of the former art, for an effective activation of fluid, as well as purification of some of those, like water or smoke. We spot them on some Egyptian statuettes whose arms are crossed on the chest, on mischievous pyramids, on musical instruments such as the violin, etc.

The accumulation of these objects creates in our space cumulo-shifts by which some of our technological achievements are relocated and are projected in the Global. It is a question of not subjecting these fluid for a purpose of concentration and elimination by density, but with the action of centripetal swirls due to the very accurate forms which the different process modules of the according device present in the invention.

Nevertheless, it would be necessary to read and re-read them. So I studied the nature and distribution of this screen and found the Forms and Emissions that removed the obstacle. For this making, one uses fluid, preferably oil or oil, activated by means of the device and process described above, in which one carries out a hardening of glass placed at a temperature of C with C, preferably C with C.


Soon we will start experiments on polluted water: R — It depends on the doctors themselves. Other researchers found the phenomenon.

In the natural state jacquew is what happens in the famous Bermuda Triangle where Fractal Objects appear, probably caused by the rotation of the Earth. The pyramids, at least the great Egyptian pyramids, also have an Ext that connects the Fields of Emissions of the Pyramid with the celestial Constellation located at the vertical of the monument.

It is a pendulum whose thread, at a certain height, is wound a number of times around a fixed cylinder.

: Jacques Ravatin: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

The according device and the process with the invention are capable numerous applying, in addition to the activation of fluid itself. A mode prefered of realization of the invention consists in using, for the construction of the rafatin curve CN, of elongated left cycloid.

Duplication restores the relationship between the two universes. The main Hebrew words used for the detection of states. Spacers 63 connect with dimensions the 47, 51, 55 and 59 of the F2 form at the corresponding tops of the F1 form.

The stems 23 of the electrodes 19 and 22 are connected both to a source not represented of filtered and stabilized DC current, positive compared to the ground. Similarly, if we construct the arithmetic corresponding to a human being, any permutation or inversion of the terms of this arithmetic will have considerable effects on the person concerned.

In general, these Emissions are compensated at ground level.

Jacques Ravatin – Emissions due to Forms – Aether Force

For example, at the North Pole of the sphere, there will be a point of emission that turns the pendulum for a green control fabric and in a clockwise direction: Like all Egyptian Forms, they contain unsuspected potentialities and must be moved with caution. When he has completed his musical training, we will resume with him this duplication so that he can note or dictate the unpublished fragments. The activation is reinforced when the air supplies compressed are also appeared as curves CN, since the compressed air being used to put the fluid one to treat in movement, is itself activated.

The electrodes not represented are attached on with dimensions the 49, 53, 57 and 61 of the F2 form, in the same way that in the case of the apparatus represented on Figure 1. It is a very useful instrument, just like the equatorial pendulum developed by the same authors.

A — To understand the mummies and pyramids, it is necessary to appeal to the notion of Ext. To further increase the effect of amplification of the device of the invention, one can fix it on a single or equatorial mounting and direct it in an appropriate way.


Such additional forms can for example be cones with point angle determined, forms with character of fractal object, polygons with four, eight or sixteen sides for example, polygons with seven dimensions, hemispheres, etc…. Keys volumes are, preferably, regular, i. The invention is in the technical field of the activation of fluid and the solid ones.

Also claimed is an activation process using the above devices, where the fluid is circulated through the treatment unit using compressed gas at a pressure of bar. It is clearly understood that one can have on the stems electrode holders 23 other volumes having forms for example those represented on figure 3, these last replacing volumes 27, 28, 30 and 31 and discs The fluid treaty is distributed by means of the valve from extended Q — We find the conceptions of Kabbalah.

As for the total Universe, the one where the markers of the Local disappear, we call it the Global. R — We know in any case that prayer has this power.

Thus, the activation is maximum in the case of conduits in the form of a C 3 curve, namely in the case of cycloid left lengthened final C3 being rolled up around jacqques left lengthened intermediate C 2 itself rolled up around cycloid left jaques C 1 departure. Wishing to deepen my mathematical knowledge, I worked for a while on very special algebras. Q — So the domain of Emissions due to Forms would be the one where it remains possible, in spite of the evanescence of landmarks, to understand what is happening on the threshold of the incomprehensible?

Ravatin, Jacques 1935-

Jacqjes people are exposed to such an influence, the risk of cancer or leukemia increases alarmingly. And the achievements of the first researchers have lost none of their practical value. Then, it is a question of treating the unit to low-temperature, namely — 40 C and preferably with — 80 C, for at least 1 hour.

Q — Do Formal Emissions provide an alternative to current technology and industry, so to the dangers you mentioned earlier?

It was the continuation and synthesis of a long line of vanguard researchers and scientists who, at the same time, practically and theoretically studied the links of the visible and the invisible, their implications and the possibility of change of consciousness.

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