Listen to “World of Warcraft: Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War” by Christie Golden available from Rakuten Kobo. Narrated by Justine Eyre. Start a free day trial. The new World of Warcraft novel, Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War, bridges the gap between the events of Cataclysm and the upcoming Mists of Pandaria. Listen to World of Warcraft: Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War audiobook by Christie Golden. Stream and Bestsellers and latest releases. try any audiobook Free!.

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Elves of Cintra, The. But, I never learned the details of the event that made her so bitter and unlikeable: Golden launched the TSR Ravenloft line in with her first novel, the highly successful Vampire of the Mistswhich introduced elven vampire Jander Sunstar.

For years, us ladies have been clamoring for a proudmkore lead who doesn’t suck in the Warcraft universe. Sep 09, Cynthia rated it it was amazing. This book has it all. That said, I was not at all prepared for the emotional impact that this book had on me.

It was much more realistic, and none of the characters were safe from dying, just like a fantasy novel should be. I understand the segue between Cataclysm and MOP much better, as well as the background of the fall of Theramore.

This is the first Warcraft novel to appear in hardcover.

Want to Read saving…. I appreciate her enthusiasm in bringing character development into a wae where there is so Jaina Proudmoore is a badass. Though well written, which I think is a lot of kudos to Golden, it just smacks of classically bad Blizzard. But the ensemble points of view worked for The Shatteringand they more or less work here. The conclusions drawn seem to be weak. Bravo for that, Miss Golden.


The Force Awakens Lost Stars.

Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War by Christie Golden

In a war, there are always two sides of the story and it was told perfectly like this. Fate of the Jedi: More importantly, however, here it is folks, it’s the one we’ve all been waiting for, it’s about Jaina! It’s misogynistic, it’s horribly paced, and the This book is awful.

Ask Baine to join us; I know he has no love for what Garrosh is striving for. I honestly should have just read the wikipedia summary. It is an offense against feminism, masculinism, literature and World of Warcraft itself. Overall, “Tides of War” was an excellent story and a pleasure to read, a solid additional to anyone following the World of Warcraft’s extended storyline.

Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War Novel Now on Sale

Golden lives in Loveland, Colorado, with her artist husband and their two cats. Tyrande is Malfurion’s barnacle. The Blues were also in charge of protecting the Focusing Iris, a powerful magical artifact that amplifies magic.

The scenes are well written, the characterizations, amazing proydmoore the romance is woven into the story without feeling forced. The Light of Burning Shadows.

As we’ve reported beforeBlizzard announced the book will be released at the end of August, which coincides with Simon and Schuster’s release date of ” on or around August 28th. I felt like I kind of wasted my time reading this. Journey to Star Wars: Read more reviews on my blog: Even though Jaina showed up and was all like, “Hey guise, sorry I was really crazy and attempted genocide five minutes ago.

The deaths in this book broke my heart though not q I have read several reviews saying this book is awful. Male after male does likewise, all scolding Jaina and telling her that while they chose not to intervene to save her people and her kingdom, they “must! A well deserved five star read! Tides of War, bridges the gap between the events of Cataclysm and the upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion and is now available in bookstores and online. As far as the writing style is concerned Each side of the story even had multiple standpoints and conflicts and it was fantastic.


Christie Golden is a great World of Warcraft author. Rather than looking at the Pandaran arc, this looks at the growing tension between the Horde and the Alliance, and covers a pivotal moment in WoW’s history set around the Isle of Theramore.

Books by Christie Golden. You have earned that respect because of your actions.

Fans of the youn Award-winning author Christie Golden has written over thirty novels and several short stories in the fields of science fiction, fantasy and horror.

It’s pretty much an ancient magical artifact that could be used as a nuclear weapon.

Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War excerpt

This book is canon to the game and it is incredible how well the canon-writing was done. But that aside, this is a great book for lore fanatics as this is about a very big event in the Warcraft storyline. And it was unrealistic by fantasy standards. First it was The Shattering: Action packed, equally distributes point of view between the alliance, the horde and the dragon flights.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Besides that, it is written by the best Warcraft novel author out there and it won’t disappoint you!

Now they are just members of their Dragonflights, though they have their millennia of experience and their status as leaders tldes their people to keep them buoyed.

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