Tři sociální světy: Sociální struktura postindustriální společnosti. Jan Keller Když se teorie o zbídačování proletariátu nepotvrdila, musí se to nazvat jinak. Kniha seznamuje s vývojem a současným stavem bádání v oblasti velkých a komplexních moderních organizací. Academic degree, name, surname: prof. PhDr. Jan Keller, CSc. Room, floor, building: B , Building B. Position: Research interests and teaching: Department/.

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Talking up the Game: Football and the Reconstruction of Liberia, West Africa. Political Unionism and Sporting Nationalism: The Swedish Model and International Sport: Lennart Johansson and the Governance of World Football.

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Teorie modernizace (Book, ) []

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Figurational Studies in the Development of Modern Sport. Scottish Fans, not English Hooligans! Scots, Scottishness and Scottish Football. Alternative Models for the Regulation of Global Sports. The Global Politics of Sport: The Role of Global Institutions in Sport. Handbook to the Life in Ancient Maya World. Oxford University Press, Mobility Among Employers and Assortative Matching: Field Evidence From Soccer Data. Selection Biases in Sports Markets. War Minus the Shooting? Jingoism, the English Press, and Euro Socialist Countries’ Sporting Success before Kelller – and after?.

Supporters, Followers, Fans, and Flaneurs: A Taxonomy of Spectator Identities in Football. Sport Spectators and the Social Consequences of Commodification: Critical Perspectives from Scottish Football.

A Sociology of the Global Game. New Perspectives on World Football. Afterword Constructing Social Identities: Exploring the Structured Relations of Football Rivalries.


Sociologie organizace a byrokracie – Jan Keller | – vaše internetové knihkupectví

Fear and Loathing in World Football. Drama, Fields and Metaphors: An Introduction to Football in Africa. Conflict, Conciliation and Community. Houndmills, Basingstoke, New York: In The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology. Sport and Society in Ancient Greece.

Jan Keller

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Football, Culture and Globalisation: European Physical Education Review. The Making of a Professional Football League: The Design of the J. The Death of the Jqn European Journal of Cultural Studies. The Life and Times of the ‘s Professional Footballer.

An Explanation of How Games Change. Soviet Sport and Transnational Mass Culture in the s.

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