A Novel Defense of Scientific Realism [Jarrett Leplin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Vigorous and controversial, this book develops a. Leplin attempts to reinstate the common sense idea that theoretical knowledge is achievable, indeed that its achievement is part of the means to progress in. Introduction Jarrett Leplin Hilary Putnam seems to have inaugurated a new era of interest in realism with his declaration that realism is the.

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Deference to scientific practice is not a definitive criterion. For his arguments against theory can be repeated at the level of evidential reports used to uarrett theory.


Then the success of the prediction gives no epistemic support to the theory. Stathis Psillos – – Ratio 18 4: Yet the antirealist impugns past theory so as to induce that current theory is unfounded.

Lavoisier [Lavoisiervolume 1 section 2] declared the material theory of heat to be no longer a hypothesis, but a truth. The explanation must appeal to some property of the theory, something distinctive in its content that enables it reliably to forecast the unfamiliar and unexpected.

How Science Tracks Truth. No conceivable exercise of the intellectual virtues Popper champions could get us anywhere. Here are other quotations: Science claims to discover and to learn the nature of certain theoretical entities.


Jarrett Leplin, A Novel Defense of Scientific Realism – PhilPapers

Methods of evaluation depend on substantive developments in theory. A theory rich in novel consequences is rich in opportunities for epistemic support, none of which might materialize. For such reasoning is endemic to, and ineliminable from, ordinary inference that grounds common-sense beliefs about the observable world.

Scientifci this concession places the argumentative burden on antirealism. It is then said that theory-choice is under-determined: Overview Description Reviews and Awards. Thus oxygen replaces phlogiston in the chemical theory of combustion. In contrast, presuppositional posits in the conceptual background of successful laws may be rejected simply because their existence proves inconsistent which subsequent theory.

A Novel Defense of Scientific Realism

Inference, often without prospect of independent empirical confirmation, is a frequent basis for extensions of science. Distrusting our methods, we distrust the theories they now recommend, however much these theories excel under them. But these possibilities do not prevent realism from being warranted where the explanation it offers is undefeated.

Even a theory expressly motivated by the need to explain a result can receive epistemic credit for doing so, if the result is not involved in its construction.

A proposi-tional structure that could not in principle be confirmed violates this constraint. We are not concerned with choices among rival theories that the evidence refutes. In this article I mount a general defense of scientific realism, taking advantage, as I proceed, of those Popperian positions jarertt advance the argument, and criticizing those that impede it. The ontological status of theoretical entities is frequently uncertain, disputed, revised.


No settled, dependable method ecientific appraisal, such as operates within the natural sciences, is available to adjudicate among the indefinitely many competing positions that philosophers fashion.

Realism is self-referentially consistent, as any naturalistically defensible theory must be. Philosophical Quarterly 38 And certainly no corpuscular theory of light could be made to yield the unexpected bright spot.

A Novel Defense of Scientific Realism – Jarrett Leplin – Oxford University Press

Seungbae Park – – Epistemologia 37 1: That is, we need to explain the second-order fact about our theories that they are empirically successful. Jsrrett it on Scholar. The antirealist therefore disagrees with theoretical physicists as to the importance of interpreting quantum mechanics, even as he insists that his philosophy is consonant with scientific practice. The Natural Ontological Attitude.

The distinction is necessary to engage the antirealist, for without it antirealism collapses into skepticism.

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