Starting in , Jean Genet—petty thief, prostitute, modernist master—spent two years in the Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan. Always an outcast himself. Prisoner of Love. Jean Genet, Author, Edmund White, Illustrator, Barbara Bray, Translator Wesleyan University Press $35 (p) ISBN Get this from a library! Prisoner of love. [Jean Genet; Barbara Bray].

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Oct 01, Aya rated it liked it. Throughout the Fifties he devoted himself to theater, writing the boldly experimental and increasingly political plays The Balcony, The Blacks, and The Screens.

I decided to leave as soon as the first collective taxi was ready. Very rich prose with enough mind imaging to last several centuries. The translator’s note basically says “hey man – don’t prrisoner me if this book is weird.

A fascinating man, I’m going to try and read more of his work. This is a unique book. What is perhaps most striking about it is its gentility. Not quite a memoir, Genet delves into prisoneer exquisite portrayal of his lived experience among Palestinian revolutionaries. Then it became prksoner shanty town, with walls and roofs made of sheets of aluminium, corrugated iron and bits of cardboard, just as wretched as the camp at Baqa.

But then there was this book. For Seymour Hersh Once these thoughts were admitted, others followed.


Do you think Europe has a monopoly in sham genealogies? My visible life was nothing but carefully masked pretences. Lists with This Book. But fo did it also strike me that the revolution took place in order that this couple should haunt me?

Please provide an email address. But without my quite realizing it, everything that happened and every word that was spoken set itself down in my memory. I hated the lack of structure and the lack of a fable as well as lengthy digressions. A chicken, boat, bird, dart or aeroplane such as schoolboys make out of bits of paper – if you unfold them carefully they become a page from a newspaper or a blank sheet of paper again.


The back cover blurb calls it “a controversial account of the last decades of prisomer life that translates his experience with the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Black Panthers into a meditation on power, territoriality, and the nature of the outsider.

Prisoner of Love (book) – Wikipedia

The affectionate eloquence used to describe the courage and sensitivity of these soldiers that are frequently aware of their fatal fate and sometimes even the futility of their endeavours, is deeply affecting. Jun 24, Miranda rated it really liked it. But what may they be suffering?

They brushed against death every day, every night, hence the airy elegance beside which dancing prisoenr heaviness itself.

It was for fun as much as anything that I’d accepted the invitation to spend a few days with the Palestinians. It is indeed a book of revelations, if ever there was one.

This is clearly a novel written in the late loove in a manner that can only ever find superficial analogue in those of the 40s. Am I the prisoner of love!

They tried to merge into the tree-trunks. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. For their prlsoner was a shifting dream about the doings of Whites, a poetical revolt, an ‘act’, rather than a real attempt at radical change. Was she taken in by my pretence?


Jean Genet: Prisoner of Love – 3:AM Magazine

InJean Genet, armed with a letter of safe transit from Arafat himself, visited the Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan. Every uprising revealed some deep genealogy whose strength was not in its almost non-existent branches but in its roots, so that the rebels springing forth everywhere seemed to be celebrating some sort of cult of the dead.

My son would be a major spy in Mossad, working in the Israeli Embassy in Paris, and my grandson would be a Mirage pilot, smiling as he dropped his bombs on West Beirut. But even the word “radical” is suspect here.

This is a memoir that does not follow any linear pattern; instead it covers different years, from Genet’s time living in a Palestinian refugee camp for a couple years in the early seventies, to time in Beirut during the Israeli invasion in the mid eighties. Even if I risked annihilation by being present at actions of theirs which were only shams, wasn’t I already non-existent because of my own hollow non-life?

It was in my own personal and portable darkness that the door of my room opened and closed. Among the Panthers, terror is spectacle and theater, and what lpve the group brings about in fighting Nixon and white imperialism is through poetry.

They all had one or two pairs of grenades slung over their shoulders or tied to their belts, and an Gsnet teacher who spoke French told me that none of the boys would sleep that night.

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