“Wieczna wojna” scenariusz Joe Haldeman, rysunki Marvano, kolory Bruno Marchand, tłumaczenie Krzysztof Uliszewski, Egmont, Warszawa. Wieczna wojna (franc. La guerre éternelle) – francuska seria komiksowa z gatunku science-fiction, której autorami są Joe Haldeman (scenariusz) i Marvano . Najbardziej znaną powieścią Haldemana jest Wieczna wojna, zainspirowana doświadczeniami z Wietnamu, za którą dostał nagrody Hugo oraz Nebula. Później.

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I get this book was written in the 70’s and understand that sex is apart of life, but the most desirable women were basically raped every night and by multiple men. Open Preview See a Problem?

Brother wiecznna Jack C. I will start by saying that I wanted to like this book and really thought that I would with the glowing reviews it received. I am now several several, several, and several years older and know all about the highly political nature of the book and I still think it is a kick-ass sci-fi story.

Please save your eyes and brain cells for something better. It is about the mad waste of lives and futility of war. Forever War by Haldeman. Books by Joe Haldeman. The kink is that in order to explore and engage the enemy, the soldiers need to travel through numerous portals in space, taking them ever further away from earth.

The madness and futility of war, exasibated in this case by jof drawn out over so much time and being fought for reasons that no one really understands, is really brought home to the reader through William’s experiences.

Joe Haldeman – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

There is perhaps no human creation as terrifying as a war with no end in sight, and if that war becomes coupled with the economies of those engaged in it and if it becomes zealously defended as a source of identity, then the war becomes all the more terrifying. The multiple references to homosexuals and ‘homosex’ were cringey – JH clearly believes sexual orientation is a choice eye roll.


That rubbed me the wrong way. Where there was action, I think it lacked detail and was rushed through so there was really no emotional connection for me in those moments.

He knows and shows what soldiers are like. Not in terms of people. Refresh and try again. His protagonist is the worst part of the book.

Wieczna wojna: Haldeman Joe: : Books

The Forever War – Joe Haldeman – 5 stars! To ask other readers questions about Wieczna wojnaplease sign up. Haldeman weaves the practical aspects of relativity into this book more than any other SF novel I’ve read. I think this is easily its equal, but is often overlooked because it is dismissed as “just” science fiction.

Are you kidding me? Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. It doesn’t feel like it was written over thirty years ago and it’s allegorical message is as relevent today as it was in the 70’s. Mandella gets through training and manages to survive the first battle with the Taurans. It was my first introduction to Haldeman, is it worth trying any of his other stories out? And it would be their ultimate victory over me-having ruled my life for so long, to force an end to it.

I tried to get Marygay assigned to my company, as my exec. This is classic SF, and not just classic military SF. The people who start wars continue to do so from narrowness of understanding, and the people who fight wars continue to return to homes they do not recognize and a world to which they no longer belong.

Plus the actual flow of the story was pretty bad, it bothered me quite a wiecza. But they weren’t the same company. Marygay had been bumped to captain, and Wiecznaa to major, jaldeman the basis of our military records and tests we had taken at Threshold. View all 3 comments.


We went back to Threshold. What is it about military science fiction novels? Haldeman II Haldeman is the author of 20 novels and five collections. Everybody since Zamyatin is in on it. One day there will be an app for that.

Of course, I’m stubborn enough to soldier on get it! The rest of it? I loved the authors voice and humor, but the non-stop expletives pulled me out of the narrative. You can’t demarcate space, but you can specify that you’ve conquered a planet by occupying or establishing a base there. When I returned to the US in mid-summerthere was so much that had changed ahldeman 4 “short” years. The novella that was edited out of the original version reminded me a little of Woman on the Edge of Time: ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

What is it with dude sci fi writers and scenarios where women are organised to fuck you on a roster?

Joe Haldeman

Both races like to build bases on nearby planets to establish control of the area around the collapsers. This book is all plot and no character.

It really is a landmark classic of Science Fiction. That’s not even believable. This is a really fascinating idea: And now I must issue a trigger warning; I will spoiler cut this for my friends who need to avoid descriptions of rape.

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