The Dark [John McGahern] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Dark, widely acclaimed, yet infamously banned, is John McGahern’s. John McGahern (in the September, issue of The Honest Ulsterman is, clearly, the indicated the sombre nature of the writer’s vision, the dark conditions of. the fate of the gifted young writer John McGahern, whose novel The Dark was i. For McGahern’s own opinions on the ban and a detailed background of his case, .

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The Dark (McGahern novel) – Wikipedia

Only two children from the county will go on to University, apparently an improvement over days gone by. WHEN is it we imagine? He recalls that an Orangeman in jhon audience stood up and said to huge applause “here is a man whose book has been banned by the Papist government in the south, has been sacked by the Archbishop of Dublin, and he comes up here to Belfast and praises the Catholic church.

In the controversy over this he was forced to resign his teaching post. But in a way that seems so backwards and thwarted to me. Although McGahern chose not to protest at the banning of his book, he did make a point of turning up at the school and insisting that he was sacked rather than resigning.

Indeed security and insecurity are the overriding themes of the novel. Throughout his books the same names crop up, the same trees in front mcgahren houses, the same lakes and geese. But these will fade in time as well. He took the heavy leather strap he used for sharpening his razor from its nail on the side of the press.


But his pale glance was formidable. A prominent theme mcgaherrn the difficult relationship between father mcgahrn son, and there is certainly a feeling that Mahoney the father is clinging to the strength of youth, and the power over his son, when it is slipping away. When the Mcganern dramatised Amongst Women for television they complained that there was not enough sex and violence in the story.

Like reading an Irish Yates. All the pedantic priests would try and get them to face the church as the centre of authority, but they always thought the sun was more powerful than the church. Interesting father and son relationship and fascinating to see how the boy develops as he grows up.

The sole exception to this is the sister, Joan and the few flecks of light in the book are in the scenes between brother and sister. Moscow couldn’t do a better job of brainwashing”. Disturbing and extremely claustrophobic this isn’t a comfortable read but it’s brilliantly written with a shifting narrative structure that feels completely uncontrived.

The children live in fear of the sudden eruption of their father’s temper. Most of the Europeans prattle on and on with summary, but he keeps you under the skin rather than inside the head. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

The Guardian Profile: John McGahern | Books | The Guardian

He later left the country. You would get through Amongst Women in a day anyway. Joyce called them those big words which make us unhappy.


The abused adolescent boy in The Dark whose life is torn open for us. In that time, the children in the home have multiplied to untold numbers. By this time he had married, a fact his teacher trade union general secretary claimed counted against him in his dismissal. McGahern’s protagonist is tortured by his sexuality and the uniquely Irish-Catholic guilt it The Dark certainly lives up to its title.

But it is absolutely brilliant!!!!! Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Ireland’s rural elegist

He lived separately at jobn barracks in Cootehall a few miles away. But sometimes I did feel that he left it too long with one or the other, and I couldn’t see why, and maybe in one or two chapters he even switched midway, and again that seemed unnecessary and messy.

So when The Pornographer appeared me and my colleagues devoured it. Bristling with the threat of violence from the outset, the opening chapter is one of the most disturbing and claustrophobic I have read. The Dark was banned not long after its release for its rather cavalier treatments of both sex and religion, and so a novel published almost forty years ago has actually had something less than that to make a name for itself.

I couldn’t be anything else except Irish, so what’s the point of going round proclaiming I am Irish?

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