CLICK FOR WHAT’S NEW (AS COMPARED WITH THE GY-HDU). The smallest and most affordable HD Cinema production camera available! JVC’s. JVC GY-HDE 3-CCD ProHD camcorder Interchangeable lenses (16x lens supplied) See All Professional JVC Camcorders. JVC GY-HDE HDV Camcorder Review. by Nigel Cooper. nigel I ve heard so many things about these two new HDV camcorders from JVC.

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But there is an argument to be made that the perception of 24p desirability is actually based on a visual myth. For audio, the twin XLR balanced audio inputs and independent manual level control dials give very good sound options. Gy-hd101f truth if you? Ergonomic placement of camera functions. Personally I would not use this function in HDV mode; instead I would carry out this effect in post-production.

Here JVC are to be praised for the rather good ergonomics of control placement, which in use generally, seemed to be just where a user would want them to be. Is this the camera to usurp the positions so strongly held by Canon and Sony models?

For those who are new to professional interchangeable lenses here is how flange back works. The shoulder pad can also be slid back and forth to find a comfy position.

Yg-hd101e of the problems mentioned above also might be attributed to dirty-heads, worn. Niether of the HDV cameras from Gy-h101e nor the XLH1 from Canon offer this and it is a feature much sort after by many video makers looking for the closest possible match with that elusive look and feel of celluloid film.

The truth is that, just as converting interlaced to progressive scan in editing is not really the same as shooting progressive in the camera, so too is making i out of p not quite the same result as i direct from the camera. There were also gu-hd101e of chromatic aberration The camera I had was an early sample so there were signs of the ‘Split Screen Effect’. Trials and Tribulations with Telstra November 22, Remember, this is not a format war, progressive and interlace will continue to co-exist for years to come.


I would strongly recommend getting some training in either 25P or proper film camera shooting techniques.

JVC GY-HDE with P+S Technik Mini 35 Image Converter | Flickr

The HD standard, developed quite some time ago, allows for two frame sizes? Both will have a different feel and any transcoding from toor vice versa, is a reprocessing of the image data that is not often desirable. Additional to this, the HDE also offers fixed focus ring adjustment with exact focal length markings. Then it records the black video signal and the mute audio signal for the duration specified in advance.

It had lots of the HDV p footage characteristics i. Here is a great example of the fastidious thought and design that JVC have put into this. I know there will be a bit of rendering time, but this is better than ruining any chance of being able to use stills from the footage or achieve a decent slow motion at the editing stage. So, would I buy one?

This prompts the real question of does 24p actually look better?

JVC GY-HD101E HDV Camcorder Review

Ekster Parliament smart wallet and tracker card December 31, Any area of the viewfinder that is overexposed has diagonal stripes over that area; you simply turn the aperture ring down a few stops until the stripes disappear, easy! Whilst balance and ergonomics weren? More than just interchangeable lenses the HDE offers the only servo driven lens system on a camera anywhere close to this price range. The original intention of having two formats was first that the smaller one would allow for a stepping stone transition on the way to the full size No two ways about it, the HDE looks and feels like a professional, shoulder-mounted camera.

The second, was having a smaller frame HD size allowed for a progressive-scan format that wouldn? When depressed the viewfinder turns to black and white and any outline areas of focus suddenly light up blue or red or green, depending on which you choose in the menusthis makes it very easy to focus accurately and quickly.

ggy-hd101e At the editing stage, viewing the footage on my large Apple LCD computer display the footage looked quite stunning and even more stunning on my JVC CRT production monitor that I use in my edit suite for colour grading etc. Once I edited a short five-minute sequence and ran it off to tape I then played it back on my large Sony CRT widescreen TV, here it also looked impressive. In this vein, it certainly is the HDE? Also, i acquisition can, in post-production, be rather easily trans-coded into progressive-scan p.


Each shot has to be planned and worked out in advance to prevent the flicker phenomena, that is just as gy-hr101e in film shooting as it is in progressive shooting, in fact, more so.

There was a touch of purple fringing, especially when zoomed right in close. Of course, it could be that old government TAX issue, which gets stamped onto imported recording devices, who knows.

JVC GY-HD101E with P+S Technik Mini 35 Image Converter

This lens system uses a small motor to drive focus and zoom resulting in very smooth zooms and focus that match to precise lens barrel markings. Well, the Gain switch is rectangle in shape and the White Balance switch is perfectly round, why? Do not use a free VPN — ever! It has a professional flange back back focus adjuster.

On the contrary, the GY-HDE is perfectly balanced on the shoulder, better than anything else in this price range that I have ever tried, in fact it betters many shoulder-mounted gy-hf101e that I have tried costing twice this price. Gadgets Gadgets See all. The supplied shotgun microphone however is a little on the poor side and whilst functional enough, will probably be jfc replaced by experienced users with a Rode or Sennheiser shotgun mic.

Some video-makers might ask?


And only a fool would believe that celluloid has any future in the cinema process for either shooting or projection.

A skilled camera operator who is used to shooting on film format cameras will get top-notch results shooting vjc 25P with no flicker in sight. See our privacy policy for more information. Shooting with the HDE presented no real issues. One kvc the features garnering most attention on the JVC is the inclusion of true 24p recording.

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