best), an adventure (such as Keep on the Shadowfell), and dice. .. When you earn enough XP to level up, the character sheet explains what. tions allow you to set Keep on the Shadowfell in the Eberron campaign Feel free to download the character sheets and offer them as. To put it bluntly, they hated the characters. They did not like the character sheets, and had a difficult time finding simple stuff like what their attack bonus for their.

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Those are left for the players to determine. The players were thrilled, and when they learned that it bloodied him they were even more excited.

Dave and I took the opportunity to gather a group of friends last Friday night and give the first portion of the adventure charracter try. The PC, trying to catch the GM in something tough, decides to knock the table out from under the enemy.

The Half-Elf Cleric, named Faryn, and the Dragonborn Paladin Antigia were sent to investigate this town by the Sheeta because of witness reports of deathcultists in the area within the last year. Why the hell make a complicated to balance system that will be broken by the first splatbook?

D&D 4E Keep on the Shadowfell – Character Sheets

Dwarf fighter page 1 page 2 Human wizard page 1 page 2 Half-Elf Cleric of Bahamut page 1 page 2 Dragonborn Paladin page 1 page 2 Halfing Rogue page 1 page 2 They are not pretty, but quite ledgable.

Eventually, the great fort fell into ruins and its grand purpose forgotten. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I have not had a chance to test or play much as I am still getting the party together.

Szonye Post by Justisaur Post by decalod85 The fighter critted a kobold, but it did not chaaracter since it had around 36 HP leftand he was very disappointed. Back on the road, and — you guessed it, another ambush! Join Date Apr Posts It has to be by design.


Keep On The Shadowfell LFG | Roll Online virtual tabletop

This also includes powers for level 2 and 3 that we have not previously seen. I’ll probably change my mind again when I see the PHB, though. Decades of peace followed, and the village of Winterhaven arose within sight of the keep. If you allow the spellbook learning gimmick, a wizard has MANY more powers than others, nulling every effort to keep the balance together.

Cure Light Wounds just heals you, just like a spell should. I think Giant in the Playground is down right now. Now on with the adventure report!

It shadowtell allows fhe to maneuver oeep characters to get to the squishier ones except the fighter, who gets Opportunity Attacks against them.

Unfortunately the rest of the kobolds were dead and the party made short work of him as well. Reset Fields Log in. So they completely lost their “learn from scrolls and prepare what you wish” flavor. Is there any other way to see them? Advertisement Create a free account. Well, we get our first look at Utility Powers. Not getting very far — as with any new set of rules, things started off slower than we would have liked, the two encounters we got through were not particularly small and substantial in length.

All times are GMT Overall, I doubt it’ll make anyone like 4ed more or less.

Not having a PHB — there are a lot of things missing with the module, such as a full list of items to purchase, or guidelines for selling the loot the party obtained.

This is the site known as the Keep on the Shadowfell.

  ASTM D4940 PDF

Hmm they are basically sorcerers now, but probably with even less spells known compared to 3. Originally Posted by SamTheCleric. First since we were a paladin and a cleric of bahamut we didnt want to kill off the kobold seeing them as tiny dragons.

Keep on the Shadowfell preview characters Yeah, I was just up at my local game store and we were going over the preview quick-start rules and his Dragon Born Paladin. If you want, you can include a brief message below as well: Originally Posted by half-dragon dragon. Originally Posted by M0rt. They were ambushed of course, a pack of Kobolds sprung forth from the nearby rocks and began to assault the helpless party.

I like this a lot better because you have just shdets much chance of dying at -1 as you do atwhich adds a realistic sense of urgency when someone is dropped. Post by Keith Davies What sheet ‘the ghostwalker’? Tokens I do not have enough kobolds for the lair would have been nice.

Session Report & Review: Keep on the Shadowfell (Part 1)

Everyone charactef wondering if the healing would be completely reliant on Healing Surges I am however a little disappointed in it as preview for 4th edition. If you want, you can include a brief message below as well:. One example we were given from a playtest group was someone facing an enemy who was standing on a table.

Let’s say it starts showing signs of stress. Not to mention his abilities to incite faith healing and more free shifting to kobolds around him and a decent breath weapon, and this encounter ended up being more fun keel the first.

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