First off, we are talking about the standard bristlenose pleco, Ancistrus sp., that . becomes important to maintain breeding levels of optimum water quality. When preparing to breed bristlenose plecos, you first need to There is a belief among some in the fish keeping hobby, that if you use the full. Keeping and Breeding Bristlenose Catfish. K likes. Keeping and Breeding Bristlenose is a book for those who love bristlenose catfish. In its 67 pages.

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When I first got serious about keeping Bristlenose Catfish aka Bristlenose Plecos and in particular breeding them, I started searching the internet for information. Once the eggs hatch, the newly born Bristlenose Plecos will begin feeding on algae around the tank.

Bristlenose Pleco Care Guide

In your opinion would it be possible for different Plecos to interbreed i e albino bristlenose and L!! The only other tip when nad to induce spawning is to make sure you are feeding the fish plenty of high quality food.

Also known as the Bushy nose Pleco, these easy to care for tropical freshwater fish are perfect for beginner aquarists, and advanced aquarists alike.

I also really liked the fact it covered things that I probably would never have thought of searching for in the first place. Having somewhere to hide though is important and some driftwood to chew on is also beneficial and recommended for their health.

Your email address will not be published. Keeping Kefping in planted tanks and their effect on plants, keeping Bristlenose with other fish and how Bristlenose can have an effect on some fish while some fish can have an effect on the Bristlenose.

A large piece of wood, a piece of PVC piping or a plant pot are a few examples of hiding places that will suffice. One of the most popular species of Pleco fish you will find in home aquariums all over an globe. Therefore never bite off more than you can chew.


Keeping and Breeding Bristlenose Catfish is on Facebook. The temperature here is getting nice and cool and the breeding racks in the shed are costing me a fortune to heat. January 4, at 4: Seeing eggs in a cave never gets old: I have a batch of fry in one tank and a male with fry in the cave in another. Well I thought it was. Temp goes from degrees almost daily. Adelaide algae eaters algae wafers ancistrus sp Australia baby bristlenose baby bristlenose pleco betta fish breed bristlenose breeding bristlenose breeding tank bristlenose bristlenose breeding bristlenose breeding tank bristlenose catfish bristlenose catfish ebook bristlenose food bristlenose for sale bristlenose fry bristlenose information bristlenose pleco bristlenose pleco ebook bristlenose profile buy bristlenose catfish buying bristlenose common bristlenose common name feeding bristlenose loricariidae orange spot bristlenose sponge filter sponge filter adapter.

  GB 50058 PDF

Therefore once you do get hooked on the hobby of keeping and breeding the common Bristlenose Catfish, you can then move onto the more exotic and rarer species which do require a little more expertise and of course initial outlay.

Anyway to cut a long story short I came across Douglas Greens eBook and just went ahead and bought it. Not sure I’d recommend it but the fish don’t seem to mind!

While the Common Pleco can grow in excess of a foot long, the Bristlenose Pleco will generally grow to a maximum length of around 6 inches, making them perfect for home aquariums with at least 30 gallons of water or more. Remember the hiding place that we mentioned earlier?

You can fit out your Bristlenose Catfish tank with either live or imitation plants, gravel, rocks or stones and other tank decorations or if you like you can just add the basics. D Just a shame it is in my main display tank As long as your tank is in good condition, clean and the fish have plenty of hiding places, you should have no problems at all. Hi Amanda, that impressive.

Bristlenose Plecos are also reasonably easy to breed as well. I have recently come across an interesting issue with my new breeding setup. The Bristlenose Pleco is a brilliant fish for beginner fish keepers thanks to their peaceful and sociable temperament.

Male Bristlenose Plecos are very territorial, and when they are looking after their eggs, they will be constantly having to defend themselves from other fish in the tank.

The male Pleco will find his territory, and will make it his won, defending it from the other male Plecos in the tank, if you have any. How can u tell the difference between male and female bristle nose catfish. Sure enough, fry start appearing in all the tanks.


Bristlenose Catfish will even clean your Mystery Snails. Their hardy nature also allows them to feel comfortable in a wide variety of tank conditions. So was it any good I here you ask? You know you can spend a lot of time searching through endless web pages trying to scrape together all the information you need and then trying to decide just what is credible and what is not. The breeding section was quite extensive and covered everything from selecting and conditioning Bristlenose, to triggering a spawn, egg and fry care and even how to go about selling your fry.

They will also need other food as well to supplement their diet and can be fed specialized Catfish food from your fish store, blanched vegetables such as zucchini and small amounts of protein such bloodworm as well.

As we previously mentioned, Bristlenose Plecos are fantastic algae eating fish, so a large part of their diet will be built up of algae. Log into your account. So in the end I decided to save myself the hassle and just make the purchase. To supplement their love for algae, and to keep them as healthy as possible, you can also offer them an algae wafer from time to time.

June 30, at So, all in all, I felt it was a really good read.

However, the fry can also be fed a variety of foods including Infusoria and powdered spirulina. This species of fish is not known to be prone to any specific diseases.

Bristlenose Catfish – Keeping and Breeding

Bristlenose Catfish Bristlenose Catfish certainly have become very popular aquarium fish over the years. This is where your Plecos will generally breed, so make sure there is plenty of space for them to do their thing. If you have already read our article on the 12 best algae eaters for a freshwater aquariumyou will already know how highly we recommend the Bristlenose Pleco as an algae eating fish.

They must be using the connecting pipes to move between the tanks The eggs will hatch around 10 days later. May 16, at 1:

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