DIESEL ENGINES I for ship propulsion and power plants FROM 0 TO kW . Year: Language: english. Author: Kees Kuiken. The Diesel Engines: for Ship Propulsion and Power Plants [Kees Kuiken] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is Edition. 3 results for Books: “Kees Kuiken”. Product Details. The Diesel Engines: for Ship Propulsion and Power Plants. by Folkert Kuiken and Kees Hengeveld.

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International Maritime Organization This is also applied on a smaller scale with a single genset providing electricity. Left the plant and right the electric distribution to the engnes grid. Technical Books Not maritime. Kees Kuiken started his career in by enrolling as a marine engineering student in The Netherlands. Could anyone pleaseeee reupload this book. Industrial diesel engines from to kW shaft power, fuel M.

This includes ample information with respect to the construction of engines, use of materials, various engine categories, maintenance, repairs, and the use of engines. Reply Display posts from previous: I am very excited to have a text to accompany my two semester courses that is so up to-date and beautifully done. These diesel gensets can be started within several seconds and immediately operate at full load.

Diesel Engines I for Ship Propulsion and Power Plants Kees Kuiken 2008 HB

The time now is: Diesel Engine Transient Operation: Scanned pages Number of pages: Shaft power 68, kW. Much highly in-depth technical theory has been omitted as these topics are covered by specialist books available on the market; these topics include thermodynamics, kuilen, materials, and electronics. Reply Toggle Dropdown Quote.


For the slightly larger engines the number of revolutions is lower. Is it possible to add them? Four-stroke high-speed diesel engines operating on. The new third edition of the diesel engine book is available Read more.

After lecturing in marine engineering he worked as a mechanical engineer for both intermediate and higher maritime institutes. The use of industrial diesel engines 1 The use of industrial diesel engines 12 2 Classification of diesel engines 18 3 Working principles of diesel engines 36 4 Efficiency and losses of diesel engines 48 5 Standard figures of various types of diesel engines 68 6 Construction of various types of diesel engines 82 7 Use of materials for diesel engines 8 Fuels, fuel-line systems and fuel cleaning 9 Fuel-injection systems 10 Cooling diesel engines 11 Lubrication of engines 12 Air supply 13 Driving gears 14 Starting systems of diesel engines 15 Speed control 16 Noise, origin and damping 17 Vibrations and Balancing Diesel engines are used for a variety of applications.

Diesel Engines II – Kees Kuiken [, PDF] :: Marine Tracker

Much attention has been paid to the choice of proper graphic material. These companies each in their own manner have contributed to the realisation of this edition by allowing interviews and providing photo-material and technical information.

The industrial diesel engines mentioned in this hook are almost all used for propelling an enormous diversity of ships. This first edition of a three-part book on gas- and dual-fuel engines is intended for all who work with gas- and dual-fuel engines for maritime propulsion, power generation and cogeneration.


New to this edition: The engine types used often fall in category II. I would like to notice that some interesting pages for me in the last chapter are missing. This, in our opinion, is helpful for the reader to gain insight in the various subjects.

The diesel engine is indispensable for road haulage, inland shipping, aquatics, electric power emergency systems, agriculture, and passenger transport by road or rail, oil and gas industry and engnes other industries.


The efficiency of this diesel process is higher than that of the Otto-process, thus resulting in a huge expansion of the diesel engine industry. Also in generating electricity the diesel power plant plays an important role. Maintaining diesel engines is relatively inexpensive. At the front; the electric distribution section with the transformer, switches and pylons for connection to the high-voltage feeder on shore.

Diesel-Engine Book

Two-stroke low’-speed crosshead engines operating on H. Offshore, for instance gas and oil platforms, complete sets are often substituted during major maintenance, so as little work as possible needs to be done on location. A high-speed four-stroke diesel genset with its own generator cooling. Kuien is to a lesser extent applicable for the maintenance of diesel engines.

Adjusting the engine speed in case of damaged cylinder liners

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