Jodan does not have the variety of waza that you have in chudan, .. never Anna !!! Theres 5 years of kendo material on this website enjoy!. JODAN NO KAMAE KENDO (上段の構え剣道) has members. Grupo creado para aprendizaje, difusión y discusión acerca de JODAN NO KAMAE en.

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Simply click here to return to Kendo Work Shop. Obviously, putting on the bogu correctly is very important. To teach people how to strike men properly, Chiba Sensei suggested to grip the shinai both hands to the very bottom of the tsuka. Kedno still practice cutting the tire now and again and whenever I do, I always try to practice both types of men.

When Kanakisatoru, passed his 8th dan test using chudan. As you let go with the right hand try to keep a very relaxed grip with the left hand and only grip tighter at the moment of impact. Its disadvantage is the weak defense, since the throat, wrists and body are open.

So I thought hard about what to do.

It was in his second year at Tokyo Metropolitan Police jodab Chiba sensei started seriously using kenxo. To become better than the rest, one must train harder than the rest. Apart from the many hours jodab study in preparation for the final semester exams, I have been able to keep up with regular kendo training and daily gym routine most of the time. Chiba sensei also feels that it is effective when close in and, for example, when striking kote with both hands.


In the end, his group finished with continuous shomen. Never break your stance and have the feeling that there is a chain lifting your spirit high up. On the other hand, it is quite important that with the extending men you let go when the hand reaches the chest. He proceeded to fix 3 of my friends.


It is a much-needed confidence and motivation booster, especially when tomorrow is the first of my seven final exams in the next two weeks. Aug 05, Rating Death by: Chiba Sensei adjusted my left fist to a jocan left to my belly-button, and about one fist distance to the front.

Comments for Why Jodan? It kfndo surprised me because before I had continuously loosed all of the time. I really admire Inue-senseis teaching. Concerning to one-hand kote, also there are many many types in modern kendo. This will loosen up our wrist and will allow us to make more dynamic striking movements. Kanaki Satoru Kyoshi, 8.

On training of men, we have to pay much attention to movements of left hand. Click here to add your own comments. Incidentally, it is common knowledge that due to the recent match and refereeing regulation revisions, munazuki against jodan is no longer a valid point. Obviously this kind of seme in jodan is common. I feel that taking jodan only after getting a firm grip on chudan is a kfndo.

But I think the 8 Dan Sensei are pretty proud of that.

Jōdan-no-kamae – Wikipedia

I contributed the English closed caption because I wanted you watch this! However, studying such subtle techniques is a part of training. If the opponent stays still I just cut extended men. But for me jodan is altogether a difficult and and enjoyable part of my kendo. Hopefully I can be granted permission by my sensei to train in jodan no kamae after I gain more experience in kendo. We all felt strangely good after the click-clackings.


As my friend puts it, it was like receiving private tennis lessons from Roger Federer. Ask your sensei and especially don’t attempt this stance without a instructor who does jodan themselves! And so, they have been asking me to give them a massage.

The last method, The Whip: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Back in his early jodan days, Chiba Sensei would still assume chudan-no-kamae at the beginning of each match. This person will reverse your strike without fail if you go for men. Oh, it felt so smooth.

I’m interested in knowing some reasons why individuals do jodan besides injuries. I passed in November and decided to take up jodan again.

You do not have your shinai right in front of you to protect yourself. Over the past couple of years I have been lucky enough to meet and get some ojdan from Yamanaka Sensei, Toda Sensei and Chiba Sensei all famous Japanese 8th Dan Jodan players whose knowledge on the subject I have only scratched the surface of.

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