In the lengthy colophon at the end of the Hebrew illuminated manuscript known as the Kennicott Bible Offsite Link (Oxford, Bodleian Lib., MS. Kenn. 1) the scribe . We offer 1 facsimile edition of the manuscript “Kennicott Bible”: The Kennicott Bible facsimile edition, published by Facsimile Editions Ltd. – London, Label. loading. About. The Kennicott Bible. The Kennicott Bible is the most lavishly illuminated. Hebrew Bible to survive from medieval Spain and. Highlights .

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From its inception the manuscript was planned as a lavish work.

In order to reveal up to 24 different colours applied by the artist in a single square inch of design, computer-controlled laser scanners were used to produce the first colour separations.

This completely vocalised Bible with massoretic notes, hand-written in a clear Sephardi script of the Middle Ages, was lavishly illuminated and bound into a morocco goatskin box binding, blind-embossed on all six sides.

Together they created a true masterpiece of medieval Spanish illumination in the Kennicot Bible! Joseph Ibn Hayyim created in his own individual and distinct style a unique masterpiece.

Exact reproduction of the original document extent, color and size Commentary 1 volume 97 pages by Bezalel Narkiss and Aliza Cohen-Mushlin Binding Fine Italian morocco goatskin box-binding over specially prepared boards. This is the only work kenmicott with or signed by ibn Hayyim. Few Hebrew illuminators signed their work.

Benjamin Kennicott – Wikipedia

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography online ed. Enter your username and password here in order to log in on the website:. The production of the entire manuscript, from the preparation of the parchment leaves to the ultimate phase of binding, bears witness to the close co-operation between the scribe, the illuminator and the patron.

He was also a canon of Christ Church, Oxfordand rector of Culham in Oxfordshireand was subsequently given the bibls of MenheniotCornwallwhich he was unable to visit and resigned two years before his death.


Our price like new. Album of Mughal paintings and calligraphy The Evangelicals at Oxford, Embossed in minute detail on all six surfaces, its style is extremely rare – only six box-bindings are known to exist – but it is this binding that has preserved the manuscript for more than half a millennium. The Old Testament in its Social Context.

Kennicott’s work was perpetuated by his widow, who founded two university scholarships at Oxford for the study of Hebrew.

Kennicott Bible

The trustees duly purchased the Bible the following April, and it remained the property of the Radcliffe Library untilwhen it was transferred to the Bodleian. Fine Italian morocco goatskin box-binding over specially prepared boards. This was partly due to the excellent condition of the original manuscript, but to a greater extent to the undiminishing quest for perfection at every stage of its reproduction.

He did not work alone, but in close collaboration with an artist of genius, who on the last page of the manuscript exuberantly signed his name in anthropomorphic and zoomorphic creatures: This composition is appropriately dignified through the employment of fine, fantastical ornamentation and precious gold leaf, which shines on all the pages.

Biblw strictly limited edition of copies. Looking for the price? The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls ended the transmissional monopoly of the Massoretic Text, but only in the Book of Isaiah and several much shorter passages, nonetheless comprising excerpts from kemnicott every book of the Old Testament. You can also Sign up for a Free Account to access some prices online and save a list of your Favorites.

The Kennicott Bible London: While the scribe was always the more important and well-paid of the team, it is rare to find a Hebrew manuscript with a flamboyant Jewish artist whose extraordinary colophon appears in huge letters at the end of the book. Once bound, the edges of ,ennicott leaf were gilt with 23 carat gold. Each psalm kennicotr set apart from the previous one by the central placing of the first line. Reproduction of the cut-out paste-downs which decorate the inside front and back covers, both of which are painted beneath intricate cut-out interlacing bands.


Whether the facsimile is intended as a gift to an institution or a private individual, our calligrapher can inscribe a beautifully illuminated gift certificate with an inscription of your choice. PentateuchProphets and Hagiographa. A fascinating story is told in a kennciott manner, with the thorough knowledge of experts augmenting the understanding of the Kennicott Bible for laymen and scholars alike. In order to ensure and maintain the quality of colour and accuracy of detail while printing, Linda and Michael Falter stood at the printing press and personally checked the quality of every sheet for the duration of the printing process.

Facsimile Editions – Kennicott Bible

The price includes robust protective packaging, worldwide courier delivery and insurance to your door. Paper Specially and exclusively milled for this facsimile Neutral pHgsmvegetable parchment paper Opacityfeel and thickness almost identical to the original manuscript. The kennocott stylized figures – almost modern in their abstract rendering – delight kennicoth eye with the richness of their colours and their varied compositions. Gift Certificate Beautifully decorated gift certificate with a personal inscription can be provided at no additional charge.

With Pearson as executor, she left property from the Chamberlayne estate in Norfolk to endow the two Hebrew scholarships at Oxford, mentioned above. Theme Style Language Country.

The Samaritan Pentateuch stands alongside the Hebrew in parallel columns.

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