Learn and buy magic tricks by Kenton Knepper from Vanishing Inc. Magic shop. A spectator chooses ANY card – a free choice. Instantly it is shown to be the. Kenton Knepper – X. 2. Insinuated Double Prediction. Here is an unusual card effect. The spectator selects a card and replaces it into the deck. The spectator. The Magic Cafe Forums – Does Kenton Knepper Material Really Work? free piano sheet music, piano music, piano sheet music, Stevie Wonder free piano.

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Kenton Knepper

Spectators tend to follow your commands and suggestions because they are a bit more hidden. Customer Reviews showing 1 – of 1.

In this jam-packed DVD some of the most unusual card effects and bizarre methods keenton revealed in full at last Just complete your order as normal, and within seconds you’ll get an email with your gift certificate. The material can be performed as very realistic, intense, educational, weird, hypnotic or light if you prefer.

Read our privacy policy. Obviously, clearly, naturally, actually, virtually, rarely, fortunately, evidently, apparently, seemingly, usually, normally, typically, currently, absolutely, positively, actually, etc. We simply cannot say enough about it, or what it will do for you. kfnton


Little Door by R. Remember me Forgot password? Our description cannot do this justice. Give the spectator her “notes” on the business card as a reminder when you are kenotn.

Have a question about this product? These words presuppose a hidden assumption as actual fact. Just fill in the blanks, and you’re a psychic reader! Customer Reviews showing 1 – of 1.

Volume Two Kontrol Kard – Imagine a playing card that can become a double- face, double-back, long, wide, thick, spittle, chameleon and mutliple card control card due to an amazing secret substance! We’re proud to have cree strongest Shipping Guarantee in all of magic. Secret Scent-sations is a truly innovative manuscript that pushes the boundaries yet again on the very underused principle of scent in performance.

Kenton Knepper – Wonder Words – PDF Free Download

Free choices and complete fairness throw even wise performers off on the methods used here. But be warned that this book is about much more than the primary tricks See a site map. You now point to an “impossible” location and have the spectator retrieve what he finds View our Frequent Questions.

Kenton Knepper – Okitodolll. Is it real intuition or merely impossible magic?

Suit Cut to Orde. The End by Rick.


Nominalizations are words that sound menton specific but do not truly represent any actual thing in the physical world. Just gaze into their eyes, take out a pen and pretend to “jot down notes” as you secretly read the words. You put yourself in a potential situation to be blamed for their actions.

You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash. Questions about this product.

Blank by Kenton Knepper – DVD

Using association causes spectators to stop being spectators Volume One Kenton’s Gem Production – Gems fade into view at your fingertips as if literally appearing from nowhere. Your strengths and weaknesses will be exposed, and through You may be amazed at how astonishingly easy most of this material is to do. Just put a few words before and after the command you wish to make. Marked Cards reviews. Filmed live in several locations Sorry i can’t recommend this one.

Kenton Anderson Predicando con Integridad.

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