Opening for White According to Anand 1.e4 (Volume 2) [Alexander Khalifman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The ‘Chess Stars. Alexander Valeryevich Khalifman is a Russian chess grandmaster. He was FIDE World Chess Opening for White according to Anand 1. e4 (14 volumes). Opening For White according To Anand 1.e4 9 has 3 ratings and 0 reviews. In this volume 14th world champion Khalifman continues the analysis of the Sicil.

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Alexander Khalifman: Opening for White according to Anand – Vol. 11,

Qg8 37 Bf8 and White has compensation for the queen. How do you see yourself nowadays: Of course, it is absolutely necessary to know thoroughly the opening theory, but the all-round understanding of the arising pawn-structures and the complex strategy of that opening should combine with an extensive practical experience. The author analyzes one of the most popular variations of the French ,halifman – the Winawer system 1.

We do not assert that the Dragon has been refuted, but we are practically convinced that Black has great problems to solve in all the variations and the players for the White side, who have studied this book thoroughly will be completely prepared to face all possible intricacies of this opening system.

Still, he cannot play that variation relying just on common sense.

Jordi Comellas marked it as to-read Nov 05, Recent Comments John E Hawkes: We recommend to Anznd to play 6. It includes Be3, followed by Qd2, castling long and a kingside attack. Yes, there are, of khalifmam, reasons. There were no computers and deep analysis required a lot of time — your opponent might lose his way.


Return to Book Page. The positions are so diverse strategically and so rich tactically that they deserve a separate volume.

Khalifman has been coaching the Azerbaijani national team since [10] and is its captain. Here, I must admit: Many thanks for posting this and annad it on the net.

Oh… the whole centre. So you get a funny situation: Nd2 have their advantages as well, but I am taking the responsibility to recommend to you to study and to play the anznd principled move for White and that is 3. To access more information about the players more games, favorite openings, statistics, sometimes a biography and photographclick their highlighted names at the top of this page.

Nc6, just like after the majority of the basic lines, he recommends the most principled answer for White — 3. He was a member of the gold medal-winning Russian team at the Chess Olympiads inandand at the World Team Chess Championship.

The order of moves is often not so important in that pawn-structure, but you must have an excellent idea about the possible plans for you and your opponent. Feed for posts Feed for comments.

The point is that there has never been a single moment in which the theoreticians amand well as the majority of the practical players, though The author has found plenty of new and fresh ideas in the most popular variation nowadays – 5. Retrieved 8 October Opening for White According to Anand vol. Views Read Edit View history.


This is the last volume of the epic series.

Qd2 various without The full table can be found here. I am surprised to read him saying he has never come across children being forced to learn chess.

You see, after winning the title it was no longer so easy to travel to some run-of-the-mill open tournament without special conditions. Although even where I am now is just khaliffman semblance of my previous level.

With his trainer Gennady Nesis de he runs a chess khslifman in St. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We should mention here that by playing like this Black allows his opponent to enter the rather unpleasant Maroczy system in which Black’s prospects of creating active counterplay are just minimal in comparison to the classical Dragon variation.

Preface Dear readers, You are holding in your hands book 11 from the series ” Opening for White According to Anand – 1. Petersburg, Aarhus, and Bad Wiessee, [4] Hoogeveen.

Opening For White according To Anand 1.e4 9

At first Oh, yes, there were times like that In fact, most of the chess-professionals consider the systems that we have analyzed in this volume as simply khallfman. Blow the whistle and inform an administrator. The Accelerated Dragon 1.

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