A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Grotesque by Kirino Natsuo. Life at the prestigious Q High School for Girls in Tokyo exists on a precise social axis: a world of insiders and outsiders, of haves and have-nots. Beautiful Yuriko. “Grotesque” is full of schoolgirls in long socks but blanchingly free of cuteness, a combination we might call Uh-Oh Kitty. Natsuo Kirino started.

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Indeed, perhaps the most striking aspect of the book is how few happy relationships of any sort there are. He streaked across the road just in front of my car. In the span of a year both killed by the same man, the impoverished Chinese immigrant Zhang. Filed in the reading challengecategory “author not originating from Europe or North America”.

I read this book because my teacher recommended it but apparently the why is beyond my comprehension. Sorry, but your browser needs Javascript to use this site. The lines introducing the passage are: If you’ll indulge me, I will quote them here.

The principal narrator is a “half” only jatsuoolder sister to an incredible beauty. Or, to put it another way, we failed to teach our girls the strategies that would enable them to cope with the frustrations of the real world.

‘It really is a complete fabrication’

nafsuo I thought the book was long, drawn out and tedious. But, as the narrator also notes: As time goes on, she becomes crazier and crazier as her rage at the company and the society that betrayed her takes over her life. After completing her law degree, Kirino worked in various fields before becoming a fictional writer; including scheduling and groetsque films to be shown in a movie theater, and working as an editor and writer for a magazine publication. Grotesque by Kirino Natsuo. Even phrases are repeated.

I guess the reason my teacher would strongly recommend this book is because it’s all about reality ntasuo real life. There is no fun to be had here — except to hoot at the various hilariously jaw-dropping zingers which these people say to each other – and here are a few favourites!!

  KX TDA0290 PDF

Kirino had fun doing a modern-day caricature of society as a sort of female war story of cohorts killed in action in a new battle of the sexes. They are among the differences between an ordinary novelist and someone who really controls the medium. Their friends and classmates of the prestigious Q school, their parents and parental ikrino – all who seemed unsound of mind in varying degrees.

grotesuqe She feels there are people like Kazue who are obsessed with how other people see them and with how to get ahead of others. How could Yurio have been left in the hands of such a monster?

It is not a book where she wants the reader to come away feeling sympathy for her characters. The limits of such strategies become evident 20 years on. Her characters are a strange lot, but it’s society that has given them a big push towards their destinies.

If only an editor had suggested it was unconvincing and encouraged her that an alternative, though more shocking, would be more in line with the narrator’s character, but that is wishful thinking on my part.

We at Q High School for Young Women espoused an educational tenet that advocated self-sufficiency and a strong sense of self-awareness in our students. I do not know what to make of it. Because so many of the characters are more or less psychopathic it’s also not entirely convincing as a nation-portrait.

‘Grotesque’ cuts too close to the bone | The Japan Times

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Mitsuru — the star student of the narrator’s class, who went on to medical school and became a doctor before joining a cult and winding up in jail — sums Q High School up: I’m hovering between a 2 and 3 star rating for Grotesque. This book may not be the masterpiece “Out” was, but for anyone who has gone to an elite school on scholarship, striven groresque remain a petite zero, wanted to excel while recognizing how off-the-mark our values of judgment are, or wondered just how much her body could be worth, reading “Grotesque” is just as powerful an experience as reading “Out” was.

This is as far away from a feel-good novel you nattsuo get. Already in high school the narrator felt: Maybe one day I’ll be able to read Natsuo Kirino in Japanese, because I don’t think this translation did her justice. Readers kiriho a taste for ambiguity and oddball characters will enjoy this twisted novel of suspense from Japanese author Kirino Out. His face had delicate lines, and his nose was high and thin, reminding me of the blade of a finely honed knife.


A struggle of a women, of their career, marriage, friendship etc. Obviously Japanese ways and values help make these women and men what they become, but so many of the characters are at least slightly unhinged anyway, making them seem far less than truly representative, from the men who lust after the young teen Yuriko to some of Kazue’s johns and certainly the women themselves.

‘Grotesque’ cuts too close to the bone

grotseque None of her characters are particularly likable, but it would be very hard to accuse Kirino of creating empty, flat characters. So do we really need to be told, on page !

But I think what we can all agree on is that prostitution stems from hatred: Grotesque is an exploration of many things. The novel itself is powerful and explores issues like rich vs.

How about the mixes and all their monstrous and rapeable glory. This is one of those times i wish i knew Japanese and not just the word Arigato. This mesmerizing tale of betrayal reveals some sobering truths about Japan’s social hierarchy.

‘It really is a complete fabrication’ – Telegraph

Natsuo Kirino may be the most socially astute of the current Japanese writers. No, I don’t know Japanese, so yes I missed all the puns and rhymes and whatever other language play Kirino was sub consciously plying. It is a study in evil. She doesn’t like the status of women in Japan, and unlike the libbers in America who tried to make women look better than men, this author narsuo the opposite:

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