Dawsonia is a genus of acrocarpous mosses. Dawsonia, along with other members of the order Division: Bryophyta. Class: Polytrichopsida. Subclass: Polytrichidae. Order: Polytrichales. Family: Polytrichaceae. Genus: Dawsonia. R. Br., Polytrichum is a genus of mosses — commonly called haircap moss or hair moss — which Plantae. Division: Bryophyta. Class: Polytrichopsida. Subclass: Polytrichidae. Order: Polytrichales. Family: Polytrichaceae. Genus: Polytrichum. Hedw. Lunularia cruciata, the crescent-cup liverwort, is a liverwort of order Lunulariales, and the only . Liverwort genera · Monotypic bryophyte genera · Bryophyta of North America · Flora of Europe · Flora of California · Flora of New Zealand.

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Erythrodontium Hampe Erythrophyllopsis Broth. Pylaisiadelpha Cardot Pylaisiobryum Broth. Daun ventralDaun dorsalDaun ventralPenggolongan Bryophyta berdasarkan KemotaksonomiPenggolongan Bryophyta berdasarkan kemotaksonomi adalah dari kandungan metabolit sekunder yang dihasilkannya dan terdapat pada oil bodies badan minyak pada Bryophyta.

Male gametophytes of Polytrichum strictum bearing antheridia. This classification of the mosses is based on Goffinet, B. Post on Nov 58 views. Jungermanniidae Klasifikkasi Porellales Ptilidiales. Ancistrodes Hampe, Sauloma Hook. Growing like a lush green carpet, the average life span of this moss is three to five years, although ten has been recorded, and even dead the moss remains intact, and is what makes up the lower portion of this organism.


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Polytrichum reproduce by vegetative and sexual methods. The leaves of Polytrichum and Dawsonia and related moss differ from those of most mosses, which are only one or two cells thick.

Orthodontiaceae Goffinet — Type: Reassessment of sporophyte morphology supports molecular phylogeny”, American Journal of Botany97 4: Timokoponenia Zanten Timotimius W.

When spores germinate they may produce immature gametophyte protonema. While mosses are considered non-vascular plants olasifikasi, those of Polytrichum show clear differentiation of water conducting tissue. Britton, Metaneckera Steere, Neckera Hedw. Tan Orthomnion Wilson Orthorrhynchiaceae S.

Dawsonia (plant) – Wikipedia

Selenia Hill non Nutt. Palustriella Ochyra Papillidiopsis Broth.

Polytrichum hyperboreum [7] Polytrichum juniperinum [8] [1] Klasjfikasi longisetum [8] Polytrichum lyallii [7]. These are small plants, no more than half an inch off the ground, that can be flat and ribbon-shaped or leafy. June Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Ancistrodes Hampe Andina J. Spence Phyllodrepaniaceae Crosby — Type: Crum, Calliergonella Loeske, Campylophyllopsis W. Consists of parenchyma cells with few, if any, chloroplasts.

Zander, Chionoloma Dixon, Cinclidotus P. The underleaves are usually smaller than the lateral leaves and sometimes lacking. The capsule lacks a columella and stomata, the seta usually lacking or very short.


The other — section Juniperifolia bruophyta has broad, entire, and sharply inflexed leaf margins that enclose the lamellae on the upper leaf surface. Unlike the xylem of vascular plants, there is no secondary thickening of cell walls, as bryophytes lack lignin.

Buck Pocsiella Bizot Podperaea Z. Leucoperichaetium Magill Leucophanes Brid. Murray Andreaeobryaceae Steere — Type: Gametofit berwarna hijau, berbentuk pipih dorsiventral thalloid liverwort atau tunas berdaun leafy liverwortsederhana, atau kadangkala terdiferensiasi menjadi daun dan batang. They usually surrrounded by a thin tubular organ the perianthlocated between the bracts and the archegonia, originating by fusion from leaves.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Microtheciella Dixon Sorapillaceae M.

Classification: mosses

English Names klasifikzsi British Bryophytes. Buck, Pringleella Cardot, Trematodon Michx. Articles with ‘species’ microformats All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April Pages using columns with the default column width.

Phyllodrepaniaceae Crosby — Type: Anderson Dozya Sande Lac. Touwia Ochyra Touwiodendron N. Helodiaceae Ochyra — Type: R Buck and A.

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