2 Introduction to the Koha Installation Process. 3 MARC21setup. Manual Documentation, Release MARC21 setup. This preference lets you decide when you’d like to create an item record in Koha. If you choose to add an item record when ‘placing an order’. Koha News. Koha New & Updated System Preferences a step further and included a link to the Koha manual for each as well.

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This setting determines the bibliographic record display when searching the mwnual on the staff client. Today we support and host libraries from the Pacific, Port Moresby, all down the east coast and over to Adelaide and West Australia. The circulation and fines policies will be determined by the library that checked the item out to the patron. The username of a staff patron with ‘circulate’ permissions.

Koja to ‘Allow’ enable tagging. A notice when you have confirmed the hold is waiting for the patron. This preference defines which MARC fields will be used for ‘Personal Name Authorities’ to replace authors as the bibliographic authorities.

AutoEmailOpacUser allows library users to be notified by email of their account details when maual new account is opened at the email address specified in the AutoEmailPrimaryAddress preference. This preference should only be used by library systems which are sharing koja single Koha installation among multiple branches but are considered independent organizations, meaning they do not share material or patrons with other branches and do not plan to change that in the future.

When set to ‘Do’, the linker will never remove a link to an authority record, though, depending on the value of LinkerRelinkit may change the link. If you choose ‘Notify’ for WaitingNotifyAtCheckin then every time a hold is found for kohs patron who had the book out last a message will appear on your check in screen.


Tip Leave it blank to disable these links. This service is often referred to as “My Library Bookstore. This preference lets you decide when you’d like to create an item record in Koha.

Important While labeled ‘Browse’ it is important to note that this is in fact an authority search, not an authority browse. After the machine is idle for the time entered in this preference the self check out system will log out the current patron and return to the starting screen. Do If the largest currently used card number isthen this field will default to for the next patron.

Setting it to “Don’t allow” would enforce a kkha come, first served standard. The difference between these notices and overdues is that the patron can opt-in and out of these. In many cases you will be able to change this option when exporting if you’d like.

This preference controls how the date is displayed. The Koha community has released a security 31.0 for all supported and recent unsupported versions of Koha.

If you have it set to ‘Require’ then no matter how much money the patron owes a message will pop up warning you that the patron owes money. This data is stored in the system regardless of your choice, unless your patrons have chosen to never have their reading history kept.

If you want to further control suppression you can set an IP address range to still show suppressed koua to.

Koha 3.10 manual pdf

This manua allows the administrator to select the number of recent issues for each serial which appear in the Staff Client when the serial is accessed. Searches for subject keywords example: Important Separate values with a space. Will not let kpha check an item out to patrons with overdues until a librarian confirms that it is okay. These preference will control how Koha links bibliographic records to authority records.

In items my items.

This preference allows a library to decide whether an ‘item specific’ hold is marked as mznual at the time the hold is placed or if the item will be marked as “Waiting” after the item is checked in. Setting it to “Do” will ensure that items checked in at a branch other than their home branch will be sent to that home branch. XSLT stylesheets allow for the customization of the details shows on the screen when viewing the search results. A notice when you have confirmed the hold is waiting for the patron Item Checkin: Enter the CSV Profile name as the value for this preference.


CALYX Newsletter August – CALYX: Open source library consultants

Setting this preference to ‘Allow’ koah allow patrons to choose to receive any one of the following messages:. This preference controls the behavior used when adding new items. If the preference is set to ‘the calendar to push the due date to the next open day’ then the due date will be December 26th. Tip This can net your library referral fees if a patron decides to buy an item after clicking through to Amazon from your site.

Planning for Go-Live Will not show items in OPAC search results if they’re marked as suppressed. Always read the terms of service associated with external data sources to be sure that you are using the products within the allowed limits. My Purchase Suggestions 6. Tip For help with field names, ask your system administrator or view the database structure associated with the borrowers table.

Adding a Message 4. If you have the preference set to ‘biblio record’ then Koha displays the item type icon on the search results to the left of the result info.

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