2 Introduction to the Koha Installation Process. 3 MARC21setup. Manual Documentation, Release MARC21 setup. This preference lets you decide when you’d like to create an item record in Koha. If you choose to add an item record when ‘placing an order’. Koha News. Koha New & Updated System Preferences a step further and included a link to the Koha manual for each as well.

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When checking in books you can choose whether or not to have a notice pop up if the patron who returned the book has a hold waiting for pick up.

Chapter 2. Administration

These preferences control manula of bib records from display in the OPAC. For help with field names, ask your system administrator or view the database structure associated with the borrowers table. Clicking on the image will open it in the same way as clicking on the link text. Once setting this to ‘Do’ the following preferences can also be set. This ensures that basic information is included in each patron record.

[Koha] Koha released

Showing these numbers can potentially effect the performance of your searching, so test 3.110 system with different values for this preference to see what works best.

Once the library signs up for Syndetics’ services, Syndetics will provide the library with an access code. Change My Password 6. Important This requires opacreadinghistory set to ‘Allow’ and AnonymousPatron to be set to your anonymous patron’s borrowernumber.

We continue to focus on continuous improvement of our services and product offerings, to meet the ever evolving needs of our library clients. If you have the preference set to ‘biblio record’ then Koha displays the item type icon on the search results to the left of the result info. This preference lets you set which fields will show on the patron record on the Statistics tab. When a user clicks on a given award, information about that award is presented along with a list of the other titles kohq have won that award.


Block majual patrons with overdue items from being able to check out. The staff member who reviews and approves comments may find the pending comments on the Comments tool. Engard Fixed typos, changed content where necessary and added new screenshots. Edit Custom Reports 1. The information which Babeltheque supplies is drawn from the French language-based Babelio. Adding HTML to this system preference will print that additional help text above what’s already included.

Custom RSS Feeds 6.

When TraceSubjectSubdivisions is set to “Include,” if you click on a subject with subdivisions subfields other than ‘a’ they will be searched along with the manua, heading subfield ‘a’. If this image is a different size than the Koha logo, you will need to customize the CSS. Don’t use When clicking on links to titles that appear next to ‘Continues’ and ‘Continued by’ in the detail display Koha will perform a title search.

The relevance of these numbers highly depends on the value of the maxRecordsForFacets preference. Global System Preferences 1.

If you choose to add the item when ‘cataloging a record’ then item records will not be created in acquisitions at all, you will need to go to the cataloging module to add the items. Regardless of which value you choose for this preference, superlibrarians can see all baskets created in the system.

Setting this amnual to ‘Allow’ will allow patrons to choose to receive any one of the following messages:. This preference allows you to control whether patrons can see items’ barcodes in the OPAC.

Koha 3.10 manual pdf

If StaticHoldsQueueWeight is left at the default Koha will randomize all libraries, otherwise it will randomize the libraries listed.

This system preference relates only to SIP based self checkout, not Koha’s web based self checkout. You can decide which actions you want to log and which you don’t using these preferences. The Koha community has released a security update for all supported and recent unsupported versions of Koha. Enhanced Content Related 4. This preference is a binary setting which controls the ability of staff to override the limits placed on the number of times an item can be renewed.


In the OPAC and the staff client your facets are cut off at 20 characters by default. Credits traditionally encompass copyright information, last ooha updated, hyperlinks or other information represented in an HTML format. In the OPAC on the right of each bib record there is a menu that allows for saving the record in various formats.

This preference refers to ‘item specific’ holds where the item is currently on the library shelf. If this preference is set to open a quick slip for printing it kohha eliminate the need for the librarian to click the print button to generate maual checkout receipt for the patron they’re checking out to.

Note this shows the same warning as when the database needs to be upgraded, but unconditionally. After the machine is idle for the time entered in this preference the self check out system will log out the current patron and return to the starting screen. Setting this 33.10 to “Don’t allow” will prevent anyone from placing a hold on such items, setting it to “Allow” will allow it.

Koha 3.10 New & Updated System Preferences

Important If you have the OPACPrivacy preference set to ‘Allow’ and the patron has decided to not have their history kept staff will only see currently checked out items. Important This requires that PazPar2 is set up and running. Setting it to “Don’t allow” allows borrowers to manula holds on items that are checked out but not on items that are on the shelf or assumed available in the librarysetting it to “Allow” allows borrowers to place holds on any item that is available for loan whether it is checked out or not.

Important It is not recommend that this setting be changed after initial setup of Koha because it will change the behavior of items already checked out.

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