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I wouldn’t turn round to see which face was attached to the hand. It is at first the story of a girl, that was to be brought up as a man as a means of retaliation of her father on his inability to produce an heir. Als Gegengift brauche ich dringend ein Buch einer marokkanischen Frau. Some of the storyteller’s listeners get together at a cafe and take turns trying to end the girl’s story, since the storyteller isn’t around to do it for them.

The sadness she describes reminded me of the ‘gender sadness’ Julia Serano mentions feeling before her transition. From the beginning this story is veiled — a story within a story.

His sqcr are the intersection of tales, legends, Moroccan rituals and ancestral myths. While reconstructing the story-telling process, The Sand Child is characterized by a multitude of voices that increases as the reader progresses towards the end of the novel.

La Nuit Sacree – Tahar Ben Jelloun | eBay

And then we find out that the storyteller has died I thinkleaving the story unfinished. The first storyteller says that Islam is the source of the social inferiority of women, and later another character describes the Koran as a book whose words have “the force of law yet lack a woman’s perspective”.

I never give ratings this low, and I hate to do that, but honestly, it felt like the author was struggling with the concept of non-consensual gender re-assignment and then just wrote an entire book about someone spiraling out of control because of it. The story never gets finished, and we are treated to fifty pages of patently lame storytelling.


A light touch, that would not belie the eroticism of this people. Today he lives in Paris and continues to write. To go out, to be jostled, to be in a crowd and feel a man’s hand awkwardly fondling my ass…for a lot of women it’s extremely unwelcome. Er heiratet sogar, seine Cousine Fatima, die lahm ist und an Epilepsie leidet. But anyways, back to my discussion on narrative. What happens when an individual refuses their body and tries to transcend it?

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I love when in contemporary literature there is an exultation of the story teller, the bard, the local orator. Erst kurz vor dem Leserunde-Termin nahm ich das Buch wieder zur Hand.

From the beginning of the story the reader comes across an all-knowing narrator presented in the third person and working as an anchor in the evolution of the narrative. Then the girl whose name is Mohammed Ahmed mopes around This book sucked.

No trivia jellun quizzes yet. We have, at first, the story as told to the audience by a professional storyteller, who also happens to possess a notebook that contains passages from the diary of Ahmed.

I’m still not quite sure I know the “actual” ending, but I also am not sure I care. But this is a purely emotional critique and, had I known more about Borges or had an easier time following the transitions, I might have enjoyed it more. Is one born woman or do they become one? This is the shift in the story where the mirror used to the duplicity jwlloun Ahmed comes into focus, or perhaps I should say out of sacrr The power of storytelling is really on display here, not for the plot but what the plot could and can be.

La Nuit De Terreur Tahar Ben Jelloun 2020347105

Ben Jelloun is masterfully interrupting the reader’s expectations on authorial voice, utilizing, in a really brilliant way, the benefits of oral tradition. Mir tat es weh, und ich konnte nicht sagen, wo.

It was on the reading list of a course I was taking so I had to finish it but it was the closest I have ever come to being tortured. He has been short-listed for the Nobel Prize in Literature.


L’enfant de sable / La nuit sacrée

The french is beautiful and simple in these moments. The other element of the book deals, unsurprisingly perhaps, with its central riddle. In the end, the character is even driven from his inside because his existential crisis cannot allow the presence of two consciousness when he possesses one body.

Quotes from L’enfant de sable The ultimate outcome remains the same at each stage; Ahmed is unable to resolve the dilemma that his existence constitutes.

I’m not sure how I am reacting to this book. This book was challenging and beautiful. This is a deeply strange book well beyond its unusual initial premise, that of an Islamic Moroccan girl raised as a boy to thwart sexist inheritance law. Difficile convivere con un essere ed un apparire che non combaciano. You can see that there’s a lot to think about in this small book. Not enough to change anything, but the focus of that role was so lovely for me.

She also speaks of being taught to consider herself superior to women, something difficult to unlearn.

The mirror has become the route through which my body reaches that state, in which it is crushed into the ground, digs a temporary grave, and allows itself to be drawn by the living roots that swarm beneath the stones. Contradictorily, this is just when Jelloun himself, perhaps appearing from behind his devices, seems to want most to reach us with pathos and political urgency.

This last underscores the fascination and frustration of the novel, as any true human element and narrative cohesion is lost to in a somewhat arch and removed postmodern house of stairs. Our steps invent the path as we proceed; behind us they leave no trace, only the void; So we shall always look ahead and trust our feet.

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