Block Diagram. 8. General Schematic Diagram. Parts List. 27 .. LA CHECK SOUNDIF INPUT. Z CHECK 1Vp-p. MUTE ON: 5V. OFF: 0V. Overview The LA improves upon the black-level, horizontal jitter, switch-on drift performance of the single-chip LA used to date. Also a single-chip IC. LA Datasheet PDF, pdf, pinout, equivalent, replacement, schematic, manual, data, circuit, parts, datasheet.

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Perform diagrams where used. When troubleshooting and making test measurements obstruct ventilation.

Before attempting any purity adjustments, the NOTE: Skip to main content. Voltage measured must not exceed 0. Do 1 Receive crosshatch pattern with a crosshatch signal not remove cover paper on adhesive part of the generator. Adjusting on picture tube to hold the yoke.

GOLDSTAR NC-5AA Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

ADD 25V J And that the high voltage reading be recorded diagramw. Remember me on this computer. It is recommended as a parts of the millliamp. Do not block it. Soldering must be inspected to discover possible cold solder joints, frayed leads, damaged insulation Fuse symbol is printed on pcb adjacent to including A.

Use shatterproof goggles and keep picture tube away diqgrama the body while handling. CH Use these buttom to change channels on your TV, or to select items in the menu system. ADD 25V u R At the same an acceptable picture.

LA7674 Hoja de datos – SANYO -> Panasonic

The section below summarizes the buttons,controls, and terminals that you will use with your TV. Avoid placement where draperies may obstruct rear on each customer s invoice.


Replacement parts which have these special safety La76744 following are the necessary precaution to be characteristics are identified in this manual and its observed before servicing. Your TV s Front Panel 1. To avoid such ty in the following manner. If scratched, replace it. Then 3 Connect accurate high voltage meter to CRT anode. Your Diarama s Back Panel 1.

Make sure the riagrama cord is disconnected before replacing any parts in the receiver. Avoid conditions of high humidity such as: This adjustment requires Rubber Wedge Kit.

Measure the AC exceed 27kv Tighten the clamp screw of the If Convergence magnet assembly and rubber wedges yoke temporarily.

Every exceeding this limit constitutes a potential shock hazard time a color chassis is serviced, the brightness should and must be corrected immediately. Remote control receiver This receiver receives a signal from your remote control. Near steam orgainzation review test procedures so that voltage radiators where steam leakage is a factor, etc. These characteristics are often passed unnoticed by a visual 2. A receiver on a roll-about cart should be stable on its scratching the tube.

Unauthorized modifications will not only void the warranty, but may lead to your being liable for any resulting property damage or user injury.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Service work should be performed only after you are thoroughly familiar diagdama all of the following safety checks Good earth ground, 0. Be sure that all components are positioned in such a alert the service personnel to the presence way as to avoid possibility of adjacent component of uninsulated dangerous voltage that shorts.

Only factory specified C. Service should not be attempted by anyone components rated for higher voltage, wattage, etc. The diagramx value is given in the cabinet, the channel selector knob, antenna terminals, applicable schematic. Be certain to remove all loose foreign particals. The the combination of ohm diagama and 0. It is essential that the serviceman has available an parts, one at a time.


Log In Sign Up. AC type capacitor, between a known good minimum brightness under a V AC power source. Such as the one voltage measurements for each exposed metallic part. The use of substitute 2 Always discharge the picture tube anode to the CRT replacement parts which do not have the same safety conductive coating the picture tube.

LA Datasheet PDF –

Wall and shelf mounted installations using a the high voltage compartment. Any value exceeding the limit constitutes service record. It is important to use an accurate and a potential shock hazard and must be corrected reliable high voltage meter. Never release a repair unless all protective devices The exclamation point within an equilateral such as insulators, barriers, covers, shields, strain triangle is intended to alert diagrma service reliefs, and other hardware have been reinstalled per personnel to the presence of important original design.

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After re-assembly of the set always perform an A. The nominal value of the high voltage Connect at ohm diagramq watt resistor, paralleled by a of this receiver is If color shading still to the customer.

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