Lajwanti Rajinder Singh Bedi Pdf Free by Alaysbene, released 06 October Lajwanti Rajinder Singh Bedi Pdf Free > proud (take as a. Lajwanti by Rajinder Singh Bedi – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Scribd is the world’s largest. Rajinder Singh Bedi (bio). Translated by Alok Bhalla (bio). Do not touch lajwanti, for she will curl up and die. Punjabi folk song. The carnage of the Partition was.

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After the great holocaust when people had washed the blood from their bodies they turned their attention to those whose hearts had been torn by the partition. In time Pakistan and India authorities begin to arrange for the swapping of abducted women. Sunder Lal and Lajo proceeded to their home.

Sunder Lal had abandoned all hope of finding Lajwanti He had made his loss a part of the general loss. They set up a ‘rehabilitation of hearts’ committee.

With a sound like that of a dropping liquid; patter-patter; continuously, successively. He is supported in this endeavour by many, rajineer faces opposition too, especially from the orthodox, religious section in society.

Thousands of people joined hands, washed the blood off their bodies, and turned their attention to those who had not been physically mutilated, but whose lives had been shattered and souls had bdi scarred. Then one of their fellows got Lajo to stand up on top of the truck, snatched away her duppatza and spoke: In conclusion, when there is so much pain, on both sides, the people should have simply stated afresh and rebuilt their lives, with their wives and sisters and mothers, abducted and brought back and rehabilitated or otherwise.

All the notes made available here are for the development of English language. Sunder Lal was also upset by the fact that Lajo looked healthier than before; her complexion was clearer and she had put on weight.

Lajwanti by Rajinder Singh Bedi, introduction and glossary

Lajo never expected him to be so considerate. But whatever he said or quoted from the scriptures seemed to go against his point of view. But when he saw that Lajwanti took in her stride every adversity including the chastisement he gave her, he increased the dose of thrashing.


He had behaved very badly towards his Lajwanti; he had allowed himself to be irritated with everything she did even with the way she stood up or sat down, the way she cooked and the ssingh she served his food; he had thrashed her at every pretext.

Hundreds of thousands of women had in fact killed themselves rather than be dishonoured To lead astray, seduce, tempt, etc.

TV adaptation of Rajinder Singh Bedi’s ‘Lajwanti’ launched

My analysis of this story is based chiefly on two issues touched upon in the narrative. Who is this man? Wasn’t she the victim of a ruse and then of violence like our own mothers and sisters today? Lajwanti herself was, perhaps, responsible for the blurring of these limits; beri even after the severest of beatings, she would begin to laugh happily if she saw a faint smile on Sunderlal’s face. He had drowned his personal sorrow by plunging into social service.

He recalled the marks Lajwanti had had tatooed on her body as a child; they were like the green spots on the leaves of the lajwanti, which disappear when the leaves curl up.

Where in the name of God was Lajwanti?

And Lajwanti’s reactions were of little help; even after the most violent beating all Sunder Lal had to do was to smile and the girl would break into giggles “If you beat me again, I’ll never speak to you. Arid in the end she could no longer recognise the Lajo she had known. In the story, Narain Bawa and the people at the temple happened to be discussing the topic of Ram Rajya and how, ljwanti the voice of a common washerman was heard, acknowledged and acted upon by the great king, when Sunder Lal and his procession was passing by.

Not just the cruelty of the abductors but of the husbands hedi family of the abducted women. There was a tumult And some of these women would think sadly of their names and the joyful meanings they had Lajo, dragging her tired body to the window would hear the song whose words no one understood. The Rehabilitation of Hearts Committee daily took out a procession through the streets in the early hours of the morning. Take a good look at her Go back to top.


Bedk his early working career he was a postal clerk. He Would say to himself, ‘If I got another chance, just one more chance, I would really rehabilitate her in my heart. Sunder Lal overcame his revulsion. And suddenly he found Lajo sanding in front of him. His eyes had fallen on Lajwanti and he had whispered in the bridegrooms ear, Your sister-in-law is quite a saucy morsel; your bride’s likely to be a dainty dish old chap! But the two sentences that Sunder Lal spoke came from the bottom of his anguished heart and had a greater impact than all the clever verbosity of the lawyer, Kalka Prasad.

A truck load of Hindu women would be exchanged for a simgh load of Muslim women. Sunder Lal made her feel like something fragile, like glass which would splinter at the slightest touch.

A careless word could hurt them. He further compares the ejection of Sita from her own home, with the ejection of the abducted from their homes.

Then they swallowed their pride, took their women, and re-built their domestic lives. But there were many beddi were angry with the turn of events.

In every lane, in every locality, “Rehabilitation” committees were set up, and in the beginning there was a lot of enthusiasm for programmes like Trade for the Displaced, Land for the Refugees, and Homes for the Dispossessed. Sunder Lal did rajinderr want eyes to see her tears nor ears to hear her wailing.

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