Libretto, Lakmé: Opera in three acts / Music by Leo Delibes ; Words by Gondinet, and Ph. Gille ; Translated and adapted by Theodore T. Barker. Lakme Libretto – Italian and English Text and Music of the Principal Airs (Grand Opera Librettos) [Leo Delibes, Gondinet, Ph Gille, Theodore T Barker] on. Title, Libretto, Lakme: Opera in Three Acts. Author, Léo Delibes. Translated by, Theodore T. Barker. Publisher, Oliver Ditson & Company, Original from, the .

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In happy thought delaying. Rappelez-vous que nous sommes en pays conquis. Rather strange of type. Pouquoi en tenue de guerre?

Dehors, rien ne la revele, Le grand bois silencieux Qui I’enferme est jaloux d’elle. But not always dancing! Gerald awaking zvithout seeing Lakme.

Nilakantha, sortant de sa demeure.

Lakmé | Leo Delibes |

Hangs unon thy lips so red? Je de- mande du calme, un peu de calme! The maiden forward springs, their fury to repel, A rod in her hand she is bringing, A bell so lightly swinging, The charmer’s bell! What if we sought some traces of her? Vous n’y avez couru aucun danger?


Catalog Record: Libretto, Lakmé : Opera in three acts | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Sights to see ; your pick now take. The venture pleases you. No ; this heart that ne’er hath soften’d yet, Would melt neath pity’s mild ray.

He commands Lakme to sing, and the voice of the lakmf one makes Gerald reveal himself. Jamais nous ne trompons personne, Venez, le marche va finir!

Ce sont des vestales qui n’ont rien a garder. In my blest retreat, to-day, Is the light of heaven straying, And I feel I own its sway, When I hear my daughter praying.

E’en now returns my gladness. Essayez d’ecarter les bambous! Wouldst thou then have me forget thee, When my life, since first I met thee. Et le Dieu qui me protege Punira libregto sacrilege Va-t’en! Toi, ma Lakme, toi, la fille des dieux!

Vienncnt tons les dangers du monde! Gerald, Rose, Ellen, Mistress Bentson. Frederick in loiv tones to Gerald. Et sur ma poitrine oppressee Quel reve s’est appesanti? Here the slope descending, Side by side. All the shops are closed, they say. Come all the livretto of land and ocean In this madd’ning emotion, In which doth reason sink. Coldly reason, if you will. C’est le dieu librefto la jeunesse, C’est le dieu du printemps, etc. The boldest dare not have spoken, Nor thus on my prescence broken.


This article is about the opera. Je ne vivias que de ta vie, Dieu protege nos amours! Whose hot librettl is fiercely burning. Nous ne nous exposons ]: It is sung by a procession of young people on their way to taste the sacred waters which are said to make love perennial.

As it scatters, Nila- kantha and his daughter pass by. Take while you may! And now what do they?

Enough ; I’m governess — take warn- ing, Of the governor’s child, beware! Pourquoi chercher un sens au mur- mure des eaux Dans les roseaux? The Brahmins leave the pagoda, escorting the Goddess Dourga, txhose statue is borne in a sort of palankeen.

See these gilded fresh bananas. Every sound now alarms.

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