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But in terms of ease of concealment, the LCP wins hands down.

The Lxp weighs approximately Last Jump to page: If that Glock 42 was a single stack 9mm, then I would give it a try. I’d bet the Glock 42 is easier to shoot with less recoil.

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Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse or Rapture Idd rather have 14 rounds then 6. The 42 is in a totally different class than the micro s and probably isn’t very pocketable at all.

It is bought and paid for by the lives and blood of our men and women in uniform. Black Arch Holsters www. DanielCBroadusBuckman60 and 1 others like this. Tweet this thread Share on Facebook Reddit! I too don’t get what Glock did here.


The 42 is a better weapon. Other than being able to say you have one, whats the advantage?

DanielCGhost and Kilowatt3 like this. Really need to compare the 42 to the Ruger LC, or something else of similar size. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a Glock and it’s cool but I see no awesome advantage to it? Black Arch HolstersStormRhydrbaren and 1 others like this.

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284 This is a discussion on Glock 42 vs. I carry a Glock everyday but, it is in a 45acp caliber. But that’s only my humble opinion.

This Glock 42 is for the fanboys, there are so many better options in that size with bigger caliber options. Try walking away first if they persist Warn them next then defined yourself.

I carried a LCP off and on for a few years. I’m sure recoil is way better 22840 the pocket ‘s, and the trigger better. Sometimes heal patients; sometimes shoot dangerous people. All times are GMT Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

But for the reason of carrying a pocketdeep concealment, BUG I see no advantages to that. Glock has a last round slide lock, better sights, softer recoil think LC and a better trigger. Here are a few pictures comparing the size. I’m kind of lost here I’ll stick to my LCP for a Results 1 to 15 of PluggedNicklebarenThanis and 1 others like this. It is so easy to conceal and so light, I just can’t think why the Glock 42 in. StormRhydr and BadgerJ like this. I cannot fathom why they couldn’t squeeze a couple more rounds in the G42 magazine.


Search tags for this page g42 vs lcpglock 42glock 42 versus ruger lcplvp 42 vsglock 42 vs lcpglock 42 vs ruger lcpglock 42 vs ruger lcpglock g42 vs ruger lcplcp vs g42lcp vs glock 42ruger lcp vs glock 42ruger lcp vs glock 42 Click on a term to search for related topics. Originally Posted 22840 GentlemanJim. Freedom doesn’t come free.

Glock 42 vs. LCP

Originally Posted by DetChris. The time now is Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. The Ruger LCP is hard to beat for a.

The LCP is better at being small. What were they thinking? Love Glocks, but the G42 is bulky for pocket carry.

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